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Thread: How to become a software QA expert

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    Default How to become a software QA expert

    We are sharing the ideas learned in that article and other similar articles on the same resource. The links are given on the same page. What really makes the difference between a real good software tester and a so-so software tester.

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    "Experience" is the best teacher to become an expert in SQA. - From the article, How to become an expert in Software QA.
    How to get experience..? By applying all the principles we learned from the class plus getting exposed in the real workplace, this is what it takes to be an expert in software QA.
    Experience for me, means we should never be afraid of making mistakes, for when you do not make mistakes, that means you are not trying (testing) hard enough.

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    To become an expert you must:

    *put an effort to learn, to practice - that way you’ll get experience
    *listen to client; learn requirements, documentation; learn methodology
    *communicate, ask questions
    *use common sense
    *read good books on subject
    *never stop learning
    *be precise; write down everything you do
    *be determined
    *you should not always agree with everybody

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    I think the most important things to become a sqa expert are knowledge and experience, where knowledge would include books, blogs, forums, conferences etc. which will keep you fresh and up to date.

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    I think that the most important is the desire. You can put years into this job and read many books but if you don't have the right mental attitude to be above the average, you will not make those count, you will not become an expert.
    And what makes a good tester? Never assume anything, be ready for anything. I like what JBach said: test for what is not there

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    Hello Everybody,

    I agree with the article and everyone else in this forum that experience is very important in the technological field and specifically in software testing. I think reading about different types of bugs will only take us so far. To become very good at finding bugs, one must work closely and frequently with an application and know the requirements very well. Also, finding and reporting bugs will become an easier and more fruitful task the more we do it. Also making mistakes can actually be a valuable experience because it increases our awareness of our limitations and motivates us to update and improve ourselves periodically. -Lubna Adnan

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    Default How to become a Software QA Expert

    How to become a SQA Expert:
    The following are some of my guidelines to become a Software QA Expert (my 80/20 rule)
    • Domain Knowledge – Try to learn more about the Actual Business for which the product is developed. This helps us get the overall perspective of the product.
    • Understanding the Requirements – Familiarize and Understand the Software Requirements in the way in which the customer wants. If we do this it will be easier for us to spot the deviations from the required to the developed product.
    • Keep up with the Technology – Read Articles, Books, Lectures and keep up with the new technology as Computer Science is a Dynamic Field and things change pretty fast. It gives us an understanding of new approaches to existing procedures, we familiarize with new terminologies and phrases used in the industry.
    • Do our own R&D – When we have doubts, try and do our own research and development first and approach our superiors with possible options and ask them the best practices used to resolve them.
    • Listen, Communicate and Build healthy Relationship with peers – When we listen more we learn more. Ask questions to clarify whether our understanding and others are in sync. When we have a good rapport with our peers it makes things a lot easier when we approach them for clarifications.
    • Understand the SQA processes – It is not enough if we only know the testing process we need to understand the entire QA process to grow higher up in our career, we need to know about the metrics, defect prevention, Time management, work allocation, best approach to deliver a quality product to the customer.

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