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Thread: Test ResumeBuilder GUI, look for bugs - reporting bugs here

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    1. "Profession Title" goes out of alignment with the contents of the combo box after it has been obscured by a dialog box. Occasionally, it gets scrambled and becomes unreadable
    2. Mouse scrolling disabled in any of the windows unless something is selected
    3. Once you perform either of the Save functions you are no longer able to open any of the menu items under the Help menu title
    4. Starting at ZIP text box in the Contact Info section, if you start typing there and continue on, the text will spill over and populate the rest of the fields: area code, phone numbers, email
    5. Delete button doesn't work if you decide to remove any of the selected options from the bottom window in any of the sections (Objective, Summary, Skills etc). You can only drag or double click
    6. There is no Save option in the File menu therefore you can not edit existing resume files unless you saved them as templates

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    New Bugs Resume Builder:

    Contact Info Tab
    a) "Profession Title" the user should not be allowed to enter text in the drop down list box
    b) "First Name' text box should not allow special characters such as "&*^%$#@"
    c) "Last Name" text box should not allow special characters such as "&*^%$#@"
    d) "Middle Name" text box should not allow special characters such as "&*^%$#@"
    e) In the "Zip" text box field, only numbers should be allowed
    f) In the "Cell" fields, the user should not be able to input text, only numbers should be allowed
    g) In the "Home" fields, the user should not be able to input text, only numbers should be allowed
    h) In the "Email" text box if the correct email is not provided, a dialog box should pop up saying "Incorrect email provided"
    i) When the user inputs data in the "Contact Info' tab , the other tabs such as "Objective", "Summary", "Skills", "Experience", "Education", "Personal Info", "References" and "Preview" tabs should be disabled. Only after filling out all the information in the first tab should the user be able to proceed and vice versa

    Objective Tab
    a) "Objective drop down" should not allow the user to input any data
    b) "Section Title drop down" should not allow the user to input any data

    Summary Tab
    Click on the tab button and begin toggling, the first tab stop should be in the "Summary Title" drop down and then in the "Section Title" drop down

    - Select "Tools" from Menu, sub menu "Options", the Options dialog box appears. The drop down is very unclear to the user. "Select default profession" drop down should have data in the database

    - Select "Help" from main menu, then select "How to use Portnov Resume Builder" from menu, error message is displayed "Cannot open file Help How-to-use.rtf."

    - Select "Help" from main menu, then select "Contribute your content", an error message is displayed "Cannot open file help Contribute.rtf"

    -Select "Help" from main menu, then select "About Portnov Resume Builder", error message is displayed "Cannot open file Help About.rtf"
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    Default ResumeBuilder Bug Report

    1)Under the "Help" Menu Title, when you open all the Menu items under "Help", the cursor appears on the help window. The cursor should not be displayed since it is an information window. Cursor needs to be disabled.

    2)Under "Tools" menu Title choose "Option" Menu item, the "Select default profession" drop box item "Software QA Engineer"
    is incrementing every time we choose the "option" Menu item.

    3)Under "Tools" menu Title choose "option" Menu item, when clicked on "Change..." push button the dialog box title
    "Browse for Folder" does not match the push button title.

    4)Under "Tools" menu Title choose "option" Menu item, the default button is the last button clicked. The default button
    should be identifed and it should be the button highlighted everytime we open the Options menu.

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    - "Portnov" menu tab: When trying to open subtab "Publications" there's a message "Page not found" on the Portnov School site. Could be a bug in the ResumeBuilder program or in the school website.
    - "Options" menu tab: visual representation inconsistences (style, font, color) with standart windows. Although "Options" dialog box is custom its style could be more close to the style of "Browse for Folder" dialog box.
    - "Cell" and "Zip" fields: allow non-digits to be entered.
    - "Objective" tab: TAB order is not followed, plus doesn't allow to choose from list of objectives using TAB. The same applies to all other menu tabs.

    - "Education" tab: Suggestion - instead of choosing from suggested list, give the possibility to type one's own school the way it's done in the "Contact" section.

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    1. In the "Contact Info" folder, the Tab cursior misses the "Cell/Home" field.
    2. "DC" is missing in the drop-down list box for 'State'.
    3. Information in a folder should be unique and not be duplicated in other folder(s) (e.g. "Summary" and "Personal" folders both have "Green Card Holder" option).
    4. In the "Duties on Job" field of the "Edit Job" dialogue box, a highlited line is not added via the 'Enter' key.

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    New Resume builder Test


    1) Font too small Big empty spaces (see circles)
    New design suggestion picture
    2) The programm start from Proffesion choice menu with only 4 options. Why not to give option print new proffesion right away in that menu and call that "Print your profession" enstead of "Select your profession" ?
    3) Personal Info limitied for USA use only

    Preview section
    May be that was the requirements for limit editing in preview section but :

    1) In preview section There is no limit to the number of characters per line
    2) In preview section hotkeys CTRL+C (copy) CTRL+V (paste) does not work
    3) In preview section key ENTER does not work User can "jump" from line to line only using mouse
    4) In preview section editing only per existing lines and between and you cant add nothing after very last line/string


    1) After edditing in Preview closing programm using X button from header "save changes in .... ?" will appear. After clicking "yes" and opening again non of changes that has been done in Preview section will be saved
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    Default New Resume builder bugs

    New Resume builder application bug reports.

    1. "Profession" field only allows for one selection and no ability to type another
    profession in. Allow to add another Profession.
    2. "City" field can accept numbers or special characters.
    3. "Zip" field can accept less than 5 numbers for zip code. Should check for 5 numbers.
    4. "Email" field can take anything does not check for,.net,.org etc...
    Check for valid email syntax.
    5. "Name" fields can take anything does not check for Letter values
    6. If you try to open a new open a new resume and decide to change your mind at the
    "Select Resume Profession" and click "Cancel" old resume is lost if not saved and application
    Allow to go back to old resume and do not close.
    7. Menu tab "Portnov" when you click on "blog" does not take to webpage. Link to website for blog.
    8. Menu tab "Help" cursor is on in first two menu items when you click on them. Turn off Cursor.

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    Default New Resumbe Builder GUI - Bug Report

    Portnov Computer School - BUG REPORT
    Application: Resume Builder, version June 28 2012
    Submit Date : July 1 2012.

    1. Tab order inconsistent in “Summary” folder when compared to other folders. Tab order goes from:
    Summary folder-----pane 1-----pane2------Section Title summary-------Summary Title summary.

    2. GUI of “Options “dialog box not consistent with “Save Resume…”

    3. “ Change …“ button title does not match when it opens to “Browse for Folder” title.

    4. Most recent used button becomes default button in “Option” dialog box. Which does not confirm Microsoft guidelines.

    5. In “Experience “ folder “Add Job” button when selected displays “Edit Job” dialog box instead “Add Job”.

    6. Not able to add summary to “Add Job” to a profession other than Software QA Engineer in “Experience” folder. Unable to add previous experience.

    7. The Help Menu Links fail when the template is saved and opened from some other file folder other than where the “Resumebuilder “ builder application is actually installed.
    The error is : “Cannot open file Help How to use.rtf”.

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    Bugs Report “Resume Builder”

    #1. "Experience" folder, "Add job" title is different from the "Edit Job" dialog box title.
    #2. “Experience”, “Add Job”, “Edit Job”, when enter date in box “To” before starting date it gives a message “All required field should be filled out”.
    #3. "Options" dialog box does not consist save option.
    #4.In the "Options" when you open dialog box by pressing "change..." button the title of this dialog box is "Browse for folder" and is different from "change".
    #5. Default button is recently used button and is not assigned permanently.
    #6.In "Options” dialog box number of "Select default profession" in the list box increases by one with every time this dialog box is opened.
    #7. "Contact Info" "Cell" and "Home" box accepts non-digits.
    #8. "Contact Info" "Email" box accepts invalid characters.(<>^=+).
    #9. "Contact Info" "Zip" box accepts non-digits.
    #10. Items within “Help” are not opened.
    #11. "Contact Info" "Email" box does not allow to enter big email address.

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    Bugs report - ResumeBuilder

    #1. “Professional title” Combo Box does not contain the possible options if you extracted “ResumeBuilder” into one folder, and then transferred to another
    #2. In the “Experience” folder if you click the button “Add job” at List Box “To” you can select data previous “From”
    #3. If you change the contents “Experience Title” Combo Box in the “Experience” folder the “Section Title” List Box does not display these changes
    #4. When you click the button “Delete Job/Item” in the “Experience” folder you do not see what value of the following is selected by default

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