Selenium training course is designed for individuals interested in learning how to automate testing of web applications. Learning Selenium students will be able to develop basic test automation projects in the real life environment.

The course covers:

  • Selenium Webdriver Overview
  • Installing Selenium
  • Running a Simple Test
  • Useful Tools
  • Quick Tour of Selenium - Simple Features
  • Creating Selenium Test Suite
  • Locating Elements
  • Javascript Explained
  • Javascript in Selenium
  • Navigating Eclipse
  • Java Concepts
  • Java Basics
  • JUnit Basics
  • Managing Testing Resources
  • Test Automation Framework
  • Data Driven Testing
  • JUnit 4 Extensions
  • Firefox Profiles
  • Using Selenium with FLASH applications
  • Working with multiple browsers



40 lecture hours + 60 lab hours by arrangement
Registration fee: $100.00 (Mandatory, non-refundable)
Tuition: $1000.00 (Mandatory, refundable)
Manuals, handouts, lab time and equipment: at no charge to students
Total: $1100.00

The total amount for all fees, charges and services the student is obligated to pay for the course is $1100.00 (one thousand one hundred dollars).