The Web Applications Testing course is designed for individuals involved in testing WEB-enabled applications. It covers many issues including:

  • Web-enabled applications and their architecture;
  • Web testing tools such as Fiddler, IE Developer Toolbar, Firebug,
  • HTML and XML code validators;
  • Testing Widgets, FLASH and AJAX;
  • Watir test automation tool;
  • Working with WEB Logs;
  • Security Testing;
  • Test environments for testing WEB applications;
  • In-depth Browser and Operating System Compatibility Testing;
  • Error handling;
  • Architectural problems in testing WEB applications;
  • The instruction includes lectures, discussions, and practical training in the areas listed above. To evaluative students performance and progress, a series of projects and quizzes is also included in the course.



40 lecture hours + 60 lab hours by arrangement
Registration fee: $100.00 (Mandatory, non-refundable)
Tuition: $1000.00 (Mandatory, refundable)
Manuals, handouts, lab time and equipment: at no charge to students
Total: $1100.00

The total amount for all fees, charges and services the student is obligated to pay for the course is $1100.00 (one thousand one hundred dollars)