Los Altos, CA, January 26th, 2011

The Portnov Computer School, the world’s oldest and largest Software QA training institution, has moved to a new custom-built campus in Los Altos, California.

Portnov Computer School, one of the most well known career change institutions of Silicon Valley, has changed its location to accommodate the fast growing demand for its services. The school is particularly known for its success in helping educated immigrants and other career changers find jobs in the Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance niches of the local job market. The School also offers guaranteed internship placement with top Silicon Valley companies in the occupation in which the students are trained. At least 50% of interns become employed by these companies.

Despite wide spread rumors and overall statistical data on a high unemployment rate in California, the technology job market in the San Francisco Bay Area seems to be recovering really fast. This School has recently been growing along with the growth of the overall Technology Market. Mikhail Portnov, Portnov Computer School’s director, stated: "The market demand for software testing specialists in the Silicon Valley has tripled over the last year."

Because of the demand for IT specialists growing all over the United States and Internationally, the School gets an influx of university graduates from The United States, Russia, India, and Pacific Rim countries. The school owners realized that there was a need for a modern campus with a larger parking lot and better overall accommodations.

Mikhail Portnov graduated from The University of Telecommunications in Moscow, Russia in 1978. After immigrating to the U.S. in 1990, he changed his career to Software Testing. His employment record includes industry leaders such as Borland International, Lotus Development Corporation and Broadvision. In 1994, he started the Portnov Computer School to address the fast growing needs of the industry of the Software Quality Assurance specialists.
The new location of Portnov Computer School is 4970 El Camino Real, Suite #110, Los Altos, CA 94022.