Los Altos, CA, February 12th, 2011

Portnov Computer School is now offering its market driven "testing mobile applications" training program online to career changers and software testing professionals worldwide.

Portnov Computer School, the world’s oldest and largest Software QA training institution, is offering its "testing mobile applications" training program online so that software testers from all over the world can learn the skills involved in testing mobile applications, which has become a booming market in recent years.

"The demand is enormous. The supply of people that companies can hire with this skill is non-existent, and the demand/supply ratio in this niche is unbelievably high," explains Mikhail Portnov, the School’s director. "This course will not only help working QA professionals improve their skills, it will help them get better jobs. Right now is the best time ever to look for a job in software testing, especially if you target the mobile application testing niche market."

About 12 years ago, software companies made a dramatic move from developing Windows Applications to Web applications. Now, in a similar move, they are heading towards mobile applications. People are needed who know how to test these applications so therefore, learning this skill set is extremely beneficial to career software testers, as well as industry newcomers. Portnov Computer School aims to equip software testers with this knowledge.

The course was customarily developed for Portnov Computer School’s needs by industry experts. It has already proven its effectiveness and within two years, it has been taught to Software QA students in a classroom format. The curriculum covers both fundamentals of wireless communication as well as specifics of testing mobile software applications with respect to major mobile platforms such as IPhone; Android; Windows Mobile and manufacturers such as Samsung; Toshiba; Motorola and Nokia.

About Portnov Computer School:
Portnov Computer School is a technical institute which is particularly known for its success in helping educated career changers to find jobs in the Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance niches of the IT job market. The School offers guaranteed internship placement with Silicon Valley companies in the occupation in which the students are trained.