Intro to Python

Intro to Python



Intro to Python Programming course is designed for individuals who have no experience with any of the programming languages and are afraid to give it a try.

This is a beginner course that will cover very basic programming principles. We are going to use a simple web tool to write our code.

During these five 2-hour meetings, we will learn how to write simple programs that would receive the user input, manipulate and modify it. We’ll learn what are variables, how to create and use them, go over operations, controls, and some data types.

The meetings will include practice time so that students could share and fix any possible issues they have in the code with the help of the instructor and teammates.

This course would be a good prerequisite for anyone who wants to join automation courses in the future.


10 lecture hour

Total Cost: $375.00 $200*

*Recording of the course.


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But if you have an experience in basic Python – take an advanced course Silver Bootcamp with Python

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Reviews from the previous class

  1. AlenaJune, 2021

    I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to start learning Python with a fun but very serious and intense course. Theory is explained based on real tasks and I like it. Thank you Tanya!
  2. DianaJune, 2021

    Great class for people with no coding experience! Tanya is an amazing teacher. She truly makes you feel that you (and anyone) can learn how to program. Tanya made the class very beginner friendly, and also very fun! Never thought before that learning programming could be that enjoyable and that fun. Very motivational. Thank you!

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