Software Test Automation with Python

Software Test Automation with Python

Software Test Automation with Python


This course is focused on Python and Web UI test development with lots of practice sessions


Tatiana Molchanova Software engineer with 15+ years experience in test automation design and development.

Worked in leading Bay Area companies, – PayPal, Symantec, Veritas

building API, REST API, UI test frameworks from ground up to a continuous integration and execution.

Why Python?

Python is a powerful programming language ideal for scripting and test development.

Easy to learn, large community, excellent online documentation, endless libraries and packages available

During this course you will

  • Learn Python basics and essential libraries
  • Set up Python development environment on your computer
  • Create test suits using Python, PyTest, WebDriver
  • And more!


  • Install and configure PyCharm, PyTest, Selenium, browser driver


Variables and types

  • Data structures (collections, strings, etc)
  • Flow control (conditional statements, loops, etc)
  • Operators
  • Built-in functions
  • Modules and packages
  • Write code

Get familiar with Python advanced concepts


  • Inheritance
  • Method overriding
  • Instantiation

Learn PyTest

  • Test set up and tear down
  • Fixtures
  • How to parameterize test
  • Assert
  • Group, skip tests
  • Execute tests via command line and PyCharm
  • Write test scripts

Learn WebDriver

  • Commands/ methods
  • Explicit Wait
  • Multiple browser support
  • Learn to identify web elements by ID, XPATH, etc
  • Match Text Patterns
  • Write Python/PyTest /WebDriver test scripts

Price: $ 1975


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