Intensive Evening Bootcamp

Intensive Evening Bootcamp




Galina Lagunova – Internship Program Instructor


  • Participate in a hands-on real life web application software testing project (both manual and automated)
  • Perform Rest API testing using Developers tools and Postman
  • Practice Test Automation with Selenium Webdriver, Java and Cucumber, building locators for the elements on web page
  • Use Jira – Agile management tool with X-ray plugin
  • Write and execute SQL queries for back-end testing
  • Get familiar with Jenkins for CI/CD
  • Utilize version control tools: Git/GitHub
  • Write Test Cases (positive, negative, boundary) & Bug reports
  • Perform various types of testing: regression, build acceptance/smoke, browser/device compatibility, usability, GUI
  • Get hands-on with Agile environment/company processes
  • Participate in Scrum rituals: Stand Up meetings, Sprint plannings and Retrospectives
  • Practice with interview questions
  • Have online support in group and individual chats.

Daily Meeting at 5pm PST


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We are now enrolling students in the
evening internship group of October 25th

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Reviews from the previous class

  1. Ekaterina GolubnichaiaAugust, 2021

    What a wonderful experience with an INTENSE EVENING BOOTCAMP! I have not regretted it more than once and I am still impressed! Galina is just an amazing teacher! She tries to give you as much information as possible during classes, explain things to you and guide you, but she also expects you to work hard too. He will ask you as a strict teacher. But if you encounter a problem, Galina will do everything possible to help you, explain it again to make sure that you really understand the idea. All this experience is priceless! Many thanks to Galina and I wish good luck to my wonderful teammates and future students!
  2. AzizaJuly, 2021

    Thank you Galina for all of your knowledge. This boot camp was helpful to envision a real experience as a professional QA. Your teaching style is definitely effective and has proven to excel the standards of others. Thank you for your commitment and time after class and whenever the students needed your assistance. Thank you Galina.
  3. Olena SJuly, 2021

    What a great experience with INTENSIVE EVENING BOOTCAMP! Galina is a wonderful instructor! All the classes were well prepared by Galina with lots of practice and great explanation. After each class students were provided with valuable materials for self-study. The bootcamp is over but I still have an access to all the recorded classes and all the study materials! Thank you for giving students this opportunity to practice on the real projects and for your support!
  4. KseniyaJuly, 2021

    Whether you want to become a better manual QA Eng. or your sights are set on automation this course is a must! You will get a deeper and more nuanced understanding of subjects you may be already familiar with (test cases, bug reports, API testing, XPath, SQL, working with Jira, Agile methodology...) but also you will learn many tools and the ways to incorporate them in QA process. You will start with getting familiar with an application (requirements, exploratory testing ) and finish with automating regression test cases (which you will write ))). Thus, you will get a great experience "from start to finish". It's going to be challenging. You will have to immerse yourself in a learning process and be ready to learn and work on your tasks every day for the duration of the course. Galina is fantastic! She is trying to give you as much information as possible during the classes, explain things and guide you but she also expects you to do your part. (Imagine that you are at the workplace but someone actually cares to mentor you). But should you run into the problem Galina will go out her way to help you, to explain once again, to make sure that you actually grasped the idea. The whole experience is priceless! Huge Thank You to Galina and best of luck to my great teammates and future students!
  5. YuliyaJuly, 2021

    Galina is a brilliant teacher. I liked a lot her special way of teaching and explaining in simple words. All the classes well structured with a lot of practice. And also individual help after each class is really valuable. Bootcamp gave me confidence and complete picture of manual and automation testing. Cannot be grateful enough for this chance to be part of this class.
  6. AshwiniJuly, 2021

    The Bootcamp was really a very good experience and well organized. You get to know what happens actually in real work from frontend to backend. It gives you alot of confidence and special thanks to all the teachers, they are so helpful with lot of patience clarifies every issue we faced. I strongly recommend this evening bootcamp.
  7. TatianaKJuly, 2021

    Thank you so much Galina for the well-structured course, for your time and patience 🙂 This is the real hands-on boot camp. I love it and will miss! It is a very intensive and challenging course. We covered a lot and there is a lot of room to grow! Good luck everyone!
  8. ElviraJuly, 2021

    I finished the evening Bootcamp. The entire Bootcamp is logically structured. It gives you a feeling as if you are really working for an actual company. The amount of material which was covered is immeasurable! The instructor Galina was very knowledgeable, patient, helped us resolve any issues we had. Besides the fact that we had hands-on experience with a real project, I’ve learned so many new tools and gained new skills, and most importantly I understood the whole workflow of QA profession. I strongly recommend it!
  9. KalaiselviJuly, 2021

    The online bootcamp was really useful. I got lots of hands on experience that gave me enough confidence. The teachers are so great here in Portnov. They never hesitate to help . I strongly recommend this evening bootcamp .
  10. SergeyJuly, 2021

    I took part in the evening Bootcamp. We extensively used Postman, Cucumber, and Java testing frameworks along with reiterating and expanding functional testing aspects. And that was great! The workflow and the atmosphere of the real-world IT project. You do feel like a part of a team. Cannot fail to mention the instructor, Galina, who was always there for help and easy to reach out to. Hands-off, that is a must-have experience on your career change path!
  11. DeeJuly, 2021

    Portnov offers very comprehensive and challenging courses, bootcamps and internship/externship programs. The coaching team is knowledgeable and supportive with a lot of experience. Their programs helped me take my career to the next level.
  12. VitalyJuly, 2021

    The online Bootcamp gave me more confidence and improved my technical skills. I recommend Bootcamp who really wants to increase knowledge regarding Software Quality Assurance.
  13. AlexJuly, 2021

    An online bootcamp I went through was extremely useful for setting my knowledge in a proper order, though the was a lot of hours of learning different stuff prior to it. I've gained enough hands on experience and confidence to make it on a job market. I've got the job in a month after finishing the bootcamp. Recommended

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