Full-Time is the career change program built to better meet needs of students interested in completing the study faster.

The full-time learning process is very intense. In that program students will have 20-25 hours of classroom training a week.

** Effective 1/1/2022 tuition for SQA FT, Express and Flex classes will increase by $250.

Imagine learning a new skill from scratch — no matter your current background — and getting a job that has plenty of potential for advancement. That’s QA. It requires no special background and can be done in person or online. In fact, your current background will probably help you be a great QA tester.

While many other jobs are getting outsourced, tech jobs are so much in demand that companies can’t hire fast enough.

Most programming jobs take years of education — but you can become a QA specialist in just a few months. The industry is growing so fast that people are often getting hired right out of our courses at $35+/hour. People who previously worked minimum wage jobs in factories, grocery stores, etc., people for whom English is not their first language, people with zero programming skills or IT background — everybody can become a QA specialist and be ready to ace the interviews (and get a job) after completing our QA course.

Portnov Computer School is known as the pioneer in QA education. It is not only the oldest one in the U.S. (over 26 years) but is the only one backed by the U.S. Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education.

Our graduates have an unheard-of success of 79% placement rate. That’s partly because we take care of our students like no other computer school. Every student goes through an internal internship and then can do one of several external ones (working in real IT companies) to be ready for a good-paying QA job.

The secret to our program’s success is simple: we don’t pack 300 students into each class — every class is limited to 40 students, with 1-on-1 teacher attention to each student. Students learn to work in small groups of 4-5 (just like in a real job), discuss topics in class, and can always privately ask the teacher any questions.

Each student gets 500+ hours of QA education, interview prep, and job training, including:

160 lecture hours of in-classroom education plus over 340+ hours of instructor-led HANDS-ON practical activities and training. This is not memorization or copying what the instructor does but actual practical learning that you remember, that teaches you how to be good at QA. These are the skills employers look and hire for.

Here is how the lesson hours break down:

40 hours of Software QA Fundamentals, including:

  • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Software Development models: Waterfall; Agile: Scrum, Kanban, Extreme, and other methodologies;
  • Test Documentation; Bug reporting and tracking; JIRA, Confluence

40 hours of Frontend Testing and Information Technologies: Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript); Web Services (REST API); Networking)
24 hours of Backend Testing: UNIX/LINUX OS; SQL & RDBMS
40 hours of Mobile Testing plus 40+ hours of hands-on live project testing activities
40 hours of Test Automation (Selenium WebDriver)

This way, you can work on any device and any part of the tech stack — making you more valuable to employers than hiring separate people for each.
20 instructor-led hours plus 20 hours of practical hands-on activities on Software QA Testing Live Projects. This will be similar to the work employers require. After 26 years in business, we know exactly what most students will encounter in the job.

20 hours of interview preparation: most common interview questions; detailed review and best practices with examples for answering each question. We want our students to get the best jobs available ASAP. That’s why we make sure that you show up to an interview ready and confident.

65 instructor-led hours plus 140 hours of practical hands-on structured activities in the internal Internship/Bootcamp that every student completes after the main course to get a good feel for how QA works in the real world and be ready for doing QA in their job once hired by an employer.

15+ hours of the job market and latest industry trends review and analysis, knowledge & skills evaluations. Because we want our graduates to be ready for the best QA jobs both today and into the future.

Portnov students always get the best support, including:

  • Unlimited hours of personalized Job Interview Coaching: Mock Interviews for graduates so they are ready for any question a hiring manager throws at them.
  • Unlimited hours of Navigating Job Market Services: Job search webinars; placement assistance; resume preparation; etc. You are never alone in your job search. The reason we have such a high job placement success percentage over 26 years is that we are like a big family: taking personal care of each student while also making sure that you learn the newest QA testing instruments available on the market. The goal is for you to get a well-paying QA job no matter your previous background. And no other school has the expertise and learning environment that’s so perfect for getting you the skills you need to get that QA job.


(Short-term career training: 160 lecture hours)
Manuals, handouts, lab time and equipment: at no charge to students
The total amount for all fees, charges and services the student is obligated to pay for the course is $5,250.00
The total cost for the program is reduced to $5,000 (Five Thousand Dollars), if prospect student makes payment in full amount at the time of enrollment.


  • Pay with a debit/credit card (the option is available in our shopping cart)
  • Use your Amazon account to make the payment (follow our shopping prompt, choose Amazon Pay at Checkout)
  • Pay with the Zelle app (make a transfer from your Zelle account)
  • Mail us a check (make checks payable to “Portnov Computer School”, mail to 4966 El Camino Real, #123, Los Altos, CA 94022)

** Effective 1/1/2022 tuition for SQA FT, Express and Flex classes will increase by $250.

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*Full payment price will become $5250
*Installment plan price will become $5500 ( First payment of $1900 , second payment of $1800 and third payment of $1800)

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Reviews from the previous class

  1. AshwiniOctober, 2021

    My Experience with Portnov is great! It is the best opportunity if you are looking for pursuing a career in the software industry. The teachers are amazing, they train you to be more confident and placement-ready. The support from Sofia Pravdina is never forgettable and finally, I got succeeded. I highly recommend Portnov to all who want to start their journey into the IT industry with a non-technical and technical background. Thank you.
  2. MartinOctober, 2021

    I love studying at Portnov computer school. I found so many people from different parts of the USA. It’s a great place for students and always get help from the staff. They introduced new technologies and tools to students which mostly tech-companies use today in Market which students are not aware of. It’s so helpful while they get into the market after graduating from Portnov Computer School.
  3. SwapnaSeptember, 2021

    After a gap I decided to return to work and explore my career. My friend recommended me to Portnov Computer School after her success in new career in SQA. If you are looking for job , Portnov is best school in world.they not only teach you but also prepare you for job from day one , I like a well -experienced teacher at Portnov. The teachers (Janna, Olga,Galina and Sofia,Michael) are all wonderful and full of passion. They are pure souls .Portnov school made a huge impact on my life.They not only taught me the technical skills that are needed to be a SQA Engineer, they also taught me how to clear the interview. I also wanted to thank Sofia Pravdina who helped me with internship placement. Right after the SQA course.she is a great support! I highly recommend Portnov Computer school to my friends. Everyone there is so supportive and I hope they will continue to change more lives in future .
  4. Irina B.August, 2021

    I am sincerely glad that I have chosen Portnov Computer School among all schools! Two months after graduation I received an offer to one of the leading companies in Silicon Valley. Not even a year ago I could not dream of such a job. I did not have any skills in fields related to computer technology before I started class. In Ukraine I worked as an economist at a Scientific and Design Institute. The main plus is the ideal training program in accordance with the labor market. First, we study basic and theoretical knowledge, then – difficulties, practical exercises and real projects. In the first few months, we’ve already learned manual testing. Then we studied mobile testing and used our knowledge on a real project. At the end we had an internship with a practicing QA manager. We worked with Jira, backend, API automation, Selenium WebDriver with Java language, GitHub. So grateful to all our instructors, who constantly supported, suggested and pointed out our mistakes. After graduation began a very important period of job search and interviews. I really want to express my gratitude to Director of Operations Sofia Pravdina, her support and advice was very valuable to me. Studying at Portnov Computer School is the best solution and investment here in the USA! Thank you so much Mikhail Portnov, thank you to the team of instructors and managers for such an opportunity to get a new profession and start a new career during these difficult times.
  5. RichardJuly, 2021

    Whether you are thinking to change your career path to SW QA, or polish your SW QA skills for the coming job interviews or your daily job challenges, Portnov Computer School is the best school to help achieve your goal and your dream. All the courses offered at Portnov are very practical, hands-on, and the most important are so close to the job markets in the IT industries. All teachers have years of industrial experience in IT, they were/are engineers themselves, they went through the same challenges you are encountering these days. Each staff in this school is willing to help each student, they treat the students as a family member, they do all they can to help students. At this school, you not only learn the knowledge but also learn the interviewing skills. The best of the best is at the end of the SQA, the school provides the boot camp to simulate the real job environment, and also help you find an internship in the industries. I don't think no one else can do this and do it to this level. I highly recommend Portnov Computer School to everyone. When you finish the training at Portnov Computer School, I have 200% confidence that you would agree with me.
  6. ElizabethJuly, 2021

    I had a wonderful Experience with Portnov computers. My friend refereed me here and the course was very helpful. I started training myself after 15 years and was very new to the market, but Portnov School trained me with all the new technologies and made me ready for the IT jobs in the market. The teacher’s named Olga , Janna, Tanya are excellent. They train you with their experience and share as much knowledge they can which helps you to be confident when you are searching for Jobs in the Market. They are friendly, excellent, Marvelous teachers. And Mrs.Sofia Pravdina is very very helpful, she guides you to do proper internships according to your skills.Special thanks to her who makes wonders with internship/job placement. Student might not even know, but she does a huge work to find a best match for each student.She has been very helpful in the whole process. The school gives you up-to-date information about the current job market trends and all the skills & technologies you need to successfully get the job. Online training, internships with school are excellent and very helpful. It was a great opportunity to learn in Portnov computers. It made my dream of working in IT company came true!
  7. ShopanaJuly, 2021

    If you are looking for chabge of career i. Software as a QA Engineer, then this is the right place. I highly recommend Portnov school. Even before completing my internship I got two offers. Portnov is really doing great in mentoring the students. The Mentors here are amazing. They teach us all techniques. I would say, they teach us beyond what a QA should know. Even a 10 years of experienced QA Analyst are not aware of most of the techniques that we learn here. So I would say, please make use of this platform and sure you will end up with a good amazingly paid jobs. I really thank the school for providing me this amazing opportunity and exposure to the QA world with real time experience(Internships). And also I would like to Thank the mentors here, who take special care on each and every students in improving the skills.
  8. SultanJuly, 2021

    I highly recommend Portnov Computer School! Flexible schedule, affordable prices, best teachers and speakers. Mr.Portnov himself started to help people to change carrier path/upgrade skills before my birthday, should I continue?
  9. MarianaJuly, 2021

    Portnov school will teach you what you need to change your career. They will also give you the sources so that you can continue educating yourself. The support is there until you find a job. What more could anyone want? I definitely recommend the school!
  10. AnnaJuly, 2021

    I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to change their life. School constantly updates and adapts program to the market needs. I met wonderful teachers who gave me theoretical and practical knowledge and supported me all the way. As a benefit of remote studying, lessons were recorded and I had access to them so I could review the parts I didn’t get or forgot. Special thanks to Sofia who makes wonders with internship/job placement. Student might not even know, but she does a huge work to find a best match for each student.
  11. AlexJune, 2021

    I highly recommend Portnov Computer School and their program to anyone who looking for a career change to the IT field and get hands on experience in real company.
  12. NazimaJune, 2021

    Portnov school played a major role in my career change goal. I not only enjoyed learning software testing basics here but was also able to enrich my knowledge through one of the internship programs. The internship program introduced me to a real world software testing field, where we operated in an Agile/Scrum work environment, performed different types of testing, and used various testing tools (including a test automation tool). Another huge advantage of doing the internship was our job interview practice! Keep in mind, the school will definitely equip you with all necessary knowledge and required practice in the Quality Assurance field, however, what will get you the actual job is going to be your efforts and determination. I have been recently offered a full-time position as a Quality Assurance Engineer and I am beyond grateful to Portnov school for showing me the way and even leading me to my desired professional role. I recommend Portnov school to all those people who are ready for the next step up in their career!

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