The QA Premium is a money saving package, which includes two more individual courses for the price of one taken in addition to our QA Express or QA Flex program. The School counselors suggest students on which classes to take get benefited the most.

The QA Premium program is designed primarily for students with no or little exposure to the Information Technology field. Taking two more additional courses will increase marketability of the Portnov Computer School graduates on the job market as well as at the time of internship placement. It will help those with less technical skills to compete more successfully for better paying jobs and for paid internships.

The QA Premium program will also benefit those interested in taking advanced courses with emphasis on developing further their programming and test automation skills.

Based on the student's talents and preferences the further concentration might go toward test automation tools (Selenium, Appium), Scripting languages, UNIX-Perl-Shell, Testing Web Applications, White box testing (with Java, JUnit, and Eclipse).

The additional courses taken as a part of the QA Premium program are available only at night from 7 to 11 pm. There is no extra internship placement coming with that program (in addition to the one under QA Express or QA Flex). 

Online self-paced classes are made available to the full-time students at no extra charge (UNIX, Perl, Shell, Mobile Applications Testing, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, XML, Selenium IDE)

Resume and interview preparation, job placement assistance, individual job market navigation counseling are all a part of the program. Student get access to numerous videos and webinars recorded in our classrooms and in our online instructor-facilitated training programs.