The Internship Program with Galina

* Participate in a hands-on real life web application software testing project (both manual and automated)
* Perform Rest API testing using Developers tools and Postman
* Practice Test Automation with Selenium Webdriver, Java and Cucumber, building locators for the elements on web page
* Use Jira – Agile management tool with X-ray plugin
* Write and execute SQL queries for back-end testing
* Get familiar with Jenkins for CI/CD
* Utilize version control tools: Git/GitHub
* Write Test Cases (positive, negative, boundary) & Bug reports
* Perform various types of testing: regression, build acceptance/smoke, browser/device compatibility, usability, GUI
* Get hands-on with Agile environment/company processes
* Participate in Scrum rituals: Stand Up meetings, Sprint plannings and Retrospectives
* Practice with interview questions
* Have online support in group and individual chats.

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