Test automation boot camp - Saturdays only - 40 hours (5 sessions, 8 hours each) - $1,100

In 40 hours we will go over:

Java, Selenium Webdriver, Cucumber/Gherkin, Page Object Model, TestNG, jUnit, Git, Github, Git Flow, Jenkins, Interview questions (coding, algorithms), Live project


Day 1 – 8 hours


Instructors’ introduction.

Course overview.


Java introduction (2 hours):

     why we will use Java (vs Python vs javaScript vs Ruby)

     variables and data types


     classes and methods

     understand return type

     conditional statements

     while loops

     for loops


Creating test automation framework from scratch (6 hours)

     Maven project

     dependency management

     maven phases

     integrating Maven into course outline

     IntelliJ IDEA

     using IDE and command line for test execution


 Day 2 – 8 hours


Selenium WebDriver:

     setup WebDriver and Java framework

     locators (id, css, xpath!!!, linkText, className)

     multiple browser support

     page object model

     interaction with elements:

     click on elements

     type text into text fields

     read values from elements

     how to execute JavaScript in test


 Day 3 – 8 hours




     test grouping

     Data Providers

     test parameterization

     parallel execution

     dependency injection (?)



     BDD/TDD concepts



     Scenario Outline

     Test parameterization



Day 4 – 8 hours



     learn what it is


     learn how to create own repo

     learn how to push/pull from repo

     learn how to create fork

     learn how to create pull requests

     learn how to resolve merge conflicts


Day 5 – 8 hours



     learn what is Continuous integration

     learn how to launch jenkins on local machine

     learn how to connect nodes to master server

     connect Jenkins with Github

     build continuous integration/delivery system


Interview questions/answers:

     preparation for interview

     algorithms and data structures



Recommended resources for self-study

Home work


List of common interview questions

List of covered interview questions per day – begin/end the day with it

If interested, please, contact the Portnov Computer School at 650-961-2044