• Slava Skryabin - Sr. Software Development Manager and Automation Architect, Oracle. Designed and created Java, Ruby, JavaScript-based automation frameworks from the ground up that test UI, mobile, web-services, DB and security penetration.
  • We deal with automation on a daily basis at work and follow all market trends and new technologies. We coach engineers at work so they will be delivering for our teams, so we know to the teach quickly and effectively.



  • Get knowledge of Selenium WebDriver initial setup and API functions
  • Be able to automate scenarios and drive browser with simple English sentences
  • Learn Behavior-Driven Development (Cucumber)
  • Understand development and automation with example of Java
  • Write automated scenarios to replace existing manual test cases
  • Find how to deal with all types of HTML elements (click, fill, validate, send, etc.)
  • Learn how to debug and fix automation scenarios
  • Find and deal with cases that only automation can cover
  • Determine "automatable" and "non-automatable" test cases
  • See real-life setup examples and continuous integration
  • Defend and prove knowledge on the interview



  • Develop and maintain automation scenarios using Java, Cucumber and WebDriver
  • Leverage open-source automation libraries to achieve multiple testing goals
  • Debug automation scenarios to find root cause of issues
  • Maintain and perform updates to automation scenarios to reflect UI pages changes
  • Utilize continuous integration to catch issues right away when they happen
  • Work with JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA as Integrated Development Environment
  • Implement automated test cases using Page Object pattern