Our UNIX-Shell-Perl course is designed for those interested in obtaining basic knowledge of UNIX operating system in projection on Software Testing.

The course covers the following topics:

Basics of UNIX

  • UNIX Operating System
  • UNIX Layers
  • Basic UNIX Elements: commands, files, directories, your environment, processes, and jobs
  • Multi-User and Multi-Tasking Operating Systems
  • Defining The UNIX Shell
  • UNIX Commands
  • Case Sensitivity
  • Special Keys and Control Characters
  • File System. Working with files in UNIX.
  • Wildcard Characters
  • File and Directory Permissions
  • Processes: Viewing Your Processes, Running Background Jobs, Process Scheduling Priority
  • UNIX Networking: Inter Networking, Networking Commands, Networking Files
  • Introduction to vi editor
  • More UNIX Commands


UNIX Shell Scripting

  • UNIX Shell Introduction
  • Bourne Shell: Built-in Commands
  • Variables in UNIX Shell Scripting
  • Reserved Words/Characters
  • SHELL Programming: Programming statements
  • Redirecting Input/Output
  • Disecting examples of Shell Scripts


PERL Scripting

  • Data Types: Scalar Type, Hash Type
  • Length of Arrays, Size of Hashes
  • Control Structures: Comparisons, foreach, for, while and until
  • Working with files
  • Functions: Returning values, Local variables, Built-in Functions, Executing Commands
  • Regular Expressions, Pattern Matching, Substitution, Character Replacement

The instruction includes written materials, quizzes, tests and home work assignments in the areas listed above. Student’s performance and progress will be evaluated based on scores earned on online tests.


40 lecture hours + 60 lab hours by arrangement
Registration fee: $100.00 (Mandatory, non-refundable)
Tuition: $1000.00 (Mandatory, refundable)
Manuals, handouts, lab time and equipment: at no charge to students
Total: $1100.00

The total amount for all fees, charges and services the student is obligated to pay for the course is $1100.00 (one thousand one hundred dollars)