Tatyana Dumay has over 15 years of experience in software QA. That includes black box manual and automated testing, as well as gray box testing. Over the years, Tatyana grew into the role of the Director of QA. She is passionate about quality and helping people expand their knowledge and skills, so they can get themselves to the next level in life. It includes career and personal growth, as one does not go without another.


QA specialists are responsible for finding and reporting defects (bugs) in computer software. Working in cooperation with programmers, Software Testers make their contribution in the quality of computer software applications.

The course is project-based with writing test documentation, performing manual back box testing, and working on software defects during the training in our online intensive bootcamp. Our tech lab offers a variety of projects for testing and simulates test cycles and processes so that our students can experience the real atmosphere of QA activities and develop their new skills.

This course is designed to cover Software QA Fundamentals such as:

  • Software Development Life Cycle and its Stages
  • Responsibilities of Software Testers at different stages of Software Development Life Cycle
  • Developing Test Documentation with strong emphasis on test cases and other test procedures
  • Transforming business and technical requirements into test documentation
  • Software testing types: regression, functionality, acceptance, validation, verification, GUI
  • Reporting Software Defects in Jira and utilization of Bug Tracking application
  • Testing Browser Compatibility and Platform Compatibility of WEB-based applications
  • Software Development models: Waterfall, Agile, and other methodologies

Additional course topics to support your job search skills:

  • Resume bullet points you can use to show your test project, your QA knowledge, and newly acquired skills
  • Building Job Market Search skills 
  • Interview skill: how to defend and prove your QA knowledge, and show your analytical and personal skills

The course includes lectures, instructions, discussions, and practical training in the areas listed above. To evaluate students’ performance and progress, a series of quizzes, homework, and projects are also included in the course. Students with high performance will be offered the opportunity to join our Software QA Testing Internship program we established with software companies located in Europe and the US. 


  • Understand SDLC and QA role in it
  • Understand Software Bug life cycle 
  • Test Desktop and Web Applications
  • Develop test documentation of different complexity
  • Understand the difference and know how to navigate through main Software Development models: Waterfall and Agile
  • Utilize Bug tracking system for different purposes and processes
  • Have knowledge and skills to look for a QA job and navigate through interview questions and process


To be successful in this course you need the following:

  • A home computer 
  • Basic computer skills, such as using email, internet search and browsing
  • A strong desire and motivation to become a good software QA specialist  

Nice to have:

Basic conversational and written English is a plus, but not required for this course. At the same time, knowing basic English opens up more doors for you when it comes to job search and opportunities.

How do you know if software QA is a good profession for you? 

If you like working with the computer, you like to learn new things, you like good quality products in your life, always looking to improve things around you, have good problem solving life skill, and working with technology does not spook you, you already have a great potential to be a good software QA Engineer.


55 lecture hours + 105 hrs of training in our intensive bootcamp
Tuition: $1800.00

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