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QA Express


QA Express is a daytime career change program. QA Express takes 16 weeks to complete and involves 3 sessions each week from 10 am until 2 pm.

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QA Flex


QA Flex™ is an evening (5:00 pm – 9:00 pm) career change program perfectly suited for students who are working during the day or who have other scheduling challenges.

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Full Time

Full-Time is the career change program built to better meet needs of students interested in completing the study faster.

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What People Say

I should have done it earlier

The one thing that I regret about Portnov Computer School is not starting it earlier! I should have done it earlier. It changed my life, it changed my vision of IT field. This school taught me not only to understand technical stuff such as HTML, CSS, JS, API, SQL, Linux/Unix, but also become more confident as a person.

I would love to thank all the teachers Janna, Olga, Sofia, Michael who are not only knowledgable and experienced in this field but also super patient. Also, I would like to thank Director of Operations, Sofia Pravdina for being so care about the students.

I would recommend PCS to all my friends who want to get into IT field. It’s a great and effective start, but don’t forget that it is not easy, it’s a hard work, but teachers will teach you how to work smart)))

November 23, 2021

My success is your success.

My many thanks to everyone at the Portnov Computer School who took me as an inexperienced, never trained on computer person and helped me flourish and find a job in QA.

My success is your success. With the right guidance, Portnov School proved me that everything is possible with hard work. A friendly suggestion to everyone “Please do everything the instructors say and work hard”.

November 8, 2021

Success = Portnov + Hard self study

I highly recommend Portnov Computer School. Teachers are amazing, they are well experienced. I like the way Janna, Olga, Sofia, Hanna have taught us. I am really grateful to have those instructors. If you want to change a career then Portnov School is the right place. I wish I could have joined the school earlier. Here is an equation: Success = Portnov + Hard self study.

October 28, 2021

It was the best decision to take Portnov classes

They were intense, well designed and I had an opportunity to have hands on experience to practice everything I learned. Every member of the school is there for you throughout your learning journey; they treat you like a family; they are so patient and willing to repeat as many time as needed and explain it until you understand. I really want to express my gratitude to Director of Operations Sofia Pravdina, her support and advice was very valuable to me.

Also, I wanted to thank Galina Lagunova, for her amazing teaching approach; she always makes sure that you understood everything and will go over everything in a very detailed way if not. She always there for you if you need help, sometimes even late nights. Her materials and classes are organized, clear and straight to the point. I’m still using a lot of her cheat sheets. I truly appreciate all your hard work; you are great teacher and mentor.

Overall, Portnov is the right place if you wanna change your life and you don’t know where to start. They will give and push you in a right direction!

October 25, 2021

I have already received three offers, with very decent salaries

I can safely say that the Portnov Computer School taught me about confidence during the interview process, and if I have any questions, the teachers are always happy to answer and help me. I have already received three offers, with very decent salaries. Portnov School provides exactly that practice and process that would be useful in your future dream job.

October 22, 2021

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Portnov Computer School is a job market driven short-term career change facility, which measures its success in job placement of graduates.

  • We have been specializing in Software Quality Assurance career training since 1994.
  • We are pleased to know that over 6000 of our alumni are successfully working in the Software Quality Assurance profession.
  • With over 20 years of experience in preparing our graduates to enter the QA job market and expertly assisting them in developing their resumes.

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