Test Automation Internship (based on Java Silver Boot Camp Program)

Test Automation Internship (based on Java Silver Boot Camp Program)




Vitalii Fokin – Assistant Vice-President at Deutsche Bank and Quality Engineering Automation Team Lead. Provided automation infrastructure frameworks for stock exchange analysis using Java, Python, JavaScript both for web and mobile apps.


During this QA Automation Internship, you will get real coding hands-on guided practice to become an automation engineer. You’ll go through automation tasks both for UI and API automation to cover almost all popular use cases. Coding challenges happen in 70% of QA Automation\SDET interviews. To go the extra mile we will practice coding challenges by defining strategies and patterns for coding task solutions, use data structures, and measure efficiency. With over 60 hours of practice, this comprehensive course leaves no stone unturned!

This course includes quizzes, coding exercises, and homework assignments. Getting things done through intense coding practice is a key to obtaining real skills. By the end of this course, you will be able to attend any Junior QA Automation Interview with confidence. We built this hands-on course to save your time and get into practice as soon as the environment installation is completed.

This course has a very focused, hands-on practice approach and requires commitment and persistence.

Course Duration: 4 weeks (three 3-hour sessions per week; 12 sessions total)
Schedule: Mon/Wed/Friday from 5 PM to 8 PM PST
The total amount of hours: 40 lecture hours plus 60 lab hours.

What you will learn:

  • UI Automation skillset: coding approaches to automating almost all possible web UI interactions;
  • REST API Automation using advanced API techniques to handle a request, cookie\params, response, response code, response body validations;
  • Write flexible code using data providers, loggers, assertions;
  • Coding patterns to solve interview coding tasks;
  • Code collaboration with code reviews;
  • Answers for most popular Java, QA Automation questions
  • Continuous Integration best practices;

Course Requirements:

  • Basic Java
  • Daily commitment to hands-on coding

1st week: UI Automation + Java Refresh 

  • Locators
  • Waits
  • UI Action Interactions (Double Click, Drag and drop, Fill in the text box, Checkboxes, radio button’s, Dropdowns)
  • Assertions
  • Advanced techniques using String,
  • Array,
  • List,
  • Loops (for, foreach)
  • Page Object Pattern

2nd week: REST API + UI Automation

  • Request\Response
  • Cookies, Headers
  • Status codes validation
  • JSON: parse, validate
  • Authentication
  • Measure response time
  • Dataprovider – parametrize tests
  • Logger – to log execution flow

3rd week: Coding Tasks + Automation

  • Coding challenges from LeetCode, HackerRank, CodeWars:
  • How to measure algorithms: Big O
  • Coding strategies: iteration, recursion, brute force, divide and conquer, dynamic programming
  • Data structures: Array, HashMap, LinkedList
  • Solving skill: define patterns, thinking in terms of data structures
  • String challenges
  • Arrays challenges
  • HashMap tasks
  • LinkedList tasks
  • Sorting algorithms
  • Binary Search
  • Continue to practice UI\API automation

4th week: Interview Simulation

  • Java Questions Most Common
  • Automation Questions:
  • Coding Tasks – virtual whiteboard interactive sessions

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