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New to the Job Market

You have a college degree, which is a great achievement!!! Congratulations!!!

What is next? Do you have a career? Do you want a career?

Software Quality Assurance (Software Testing) field recruits college graduates from all the imaginable ways of life. And career in Software Testing is really the rewarding one. It offers much better financial compensation compare to most of the non-IT professions with starting salary ranging from $50-55K to $60-65K. In 3-5 years you are looking at 6-figure income potential, which is very common in IT.

It takes 4-6 month to complete classroom training and internship to get your first job. We have heard that many times – it sounds too good to be true. It is not how the world turns around.

It makes Software Testing even more attractive because it is a real job market niche, because you can learn it in a few month, because our training is real – you can stop by, you can audit a few sessions, you can watch our training on Youtube, you can look at the job placement log, you can join the school if you decide to explore the opportunity.

You can even keep your existing job or you can take the training online at a substantial discount. Another attractive detail – our best on-campus program, which includes internship with a local Silicon Valley company, costs a fraction of what you used to pay for a semester in a 4-year college.