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No College Degree

Is it possible to get a job in Software QA Testing field without having Bachelors’ or Master’s degree in Computer Science or related field? Is it possible if I have no college degree at all?

There are two parts to our answer:

1. Yes it is absolutely possible to get a Software QA Testing job. We have sometimes 18-19 years old students joining Portnov Computer School right after getting their high school diploma. And they get jobs as fast as other graduates. Not having college degree at that age is very natural.

Even if you have no college degree being twice as old – it is not a big deal.

2. There are many limitations though, which you would have to overcome within a few years to grow professionally.

  • It really helps to have a formal degree to be able to get engineering positions of certain level
  • Even if having no formal degree is not a problem at all, having enough technical skills and being a power user of computer software is really must to complete our course successfully, to get a Software QA Testing job, and to stay on that job.
    • Not everybody with or without college degree of any kind is entitled to an easy path to the Information Technology Career, Software QA Testing not being an exception.