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Navigating to Job Market

Navigating to Job Market

Navigating to Job Market



Daytime program

Oxana Salyamova has over 20 years experience in teaching (TKT, CAE certificates). In this class she will be teaching English focused around IT and preparing you for the Job Interview.

Evening program

Irina Andreeva with a Master’s Degree in Teaching English as a second language from University of San Francisco, Irina has an extensive experience in teaching at Community Colleges in California and Texas. Irina has taught a variety of classes targeting English grammar, writing, and reading; editing and content writing for medical websites; tutoring students from elementary to high school in writing essays and college applications. Irina is excited to invite you to join her on the journey to explore IT English and help you prepare for a job interview.


This course is made for students to improve their speaking skills within a short period of time and prepare them for the job interview process. These classes will be done in parallel with the main Portnov SQA course and will help you better understand IT terminology In English.

This course will help you

  • Improve your everyday English speaking skills
  • Properly structure sentences and phrases for the professional environment
  • Enrich your IT vocabulary and prepare you for the Job Interview Process
  • Form grammatically correct emails and correctly answer messages
  • Give you more confidence in expressing yourself in English

All Portnov Computer School students who are struggling with English and are willing to learn and commit to this program are welcome.
Space is limited so please sign up to reserve your spot.


  • 20 weeks (in parallel with the main SQA course)
  • 36 hours of material, practice and homework
  • Daytime program: twice a week, (Tuesday and Thursday) 10 am – 11 am (PST Timezone)
  • Evening program: twice a week, (Tuesday and Thursday) 6 pm – 7 pm (PST Timezone)
  • Class duration is one hour
  • Price: $600.00


  • Pay with a debit/credit card (the option is available in our shopping cart)
  • Pay with the Zelle app (make a transfer from your Zelle account)
  • Mail us a check (make checks payable to “Portnov Computer School”, mail to 830 Stewart drive, #106, Sunnyvale, CA 94085)
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Reviews from the previous class

  1. Aleksandr BezverchukMarch, 2024

    Oksana is an excellent teacher! I've got a lot of valuable skills. I fixed some of my grammar and pronunciation issues. Speaking has become lot more natural for me, and I'm open to going on job interviews. Definitely, Oxana's course is excellent! Strongly advised.
  2. Alla BoichenkoMarch, 2024

    I really liked the English courses. The content was well structured, interesting and covered a current IT topic. A big thank you to teacher Oksana, who was knowledgeable and supportive, providing valuable feedback that helped me improve my language skills. Overall it was a fantastic learning experience and I now feel more confident in my English language abilities.
  3. ArthurMarch, 2024

    The course has been truly wonderful. I've gained extensive knowledge in technical English, and the interactive nature of the classes, where speaking was encouraged, proved highly beneficial. We had the flexibility to explore additional topics, which was a great advantage. I'd like to express my gratitude to Oxana for being an exceptional teacher and an overall wonderful person. Her efforts to create a comfortable learning environment and gentle guidance were particularly commendable. I was impressed by her patience, sense of humor, and unwavering determination to assist us in every possible way. Oxana not only adeptly prepares students for interviews but, more importantly, equips them to express themselves freely in English. I wholeheartedly recommend taking this course; it provides one of the safest pathways to mastering the English language.
  4. Olha UkhanMarch, 2024

    Dear Oksana! I would like to express my gratitude for the course, for the knowledge you gave us, for your support and motivation. You are an excellent teacher, you understand each person individually, and find an approach to everyone. Thank you very much again.
  5. Margarita MozharovaOctober, 2023

    I'm very glad I enrolled in this course! It suits the SQA course flawlessly: the school’s instructors, who are IT specialists and professional testers, use the whole language we learnt in the English for IT lessons. In addition, I picked up a ton of important grammar. My English level wasn't so low at first. And yet I struggled so much when it came to speaking. At last, I began to speak! I would like to express my gratitude to Oxana; she is really skilled at quickly improving your English!
  6. AnzhelikaOctober, 2023

    Wonderful class and wonderful teacher Oksana! I gained knowledge that will help me in my new career. English for IT is a fantastic way to learn English while immersing yourself in the IT field. Thank you soo much!
  7. Iryna LeanavetsOctober, 2023

    Dear Oksana! I would like to express my gratitude for your professionalism, tolerance and passion for teaching. You are a wonderful teacher and an excellent psychologist, you managed to make learning English an exciting and interesting journey for me. I feel more confident in using English and it has been incredibly beneficial to my personal and professional development. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my education. You are a wonderful teacher and person, and I hope many more students can experience your amazing teaching. Thanks again!
  8. OlgaMay, 2023

    I`m grateful to Oxana for a very useful course. It not only focuses on IT and prepares you for the Job Interview but also improves your everyday English speaking skills. Oxana gave me more confidence in expressing myself in English, in communicating with English-speaking people. Therefore, I recommend that course and the wonderful teacher Oxana not only to students studying IT technologies, but also to those who want to raise their English level.
  9. NataliaDecember, 2022

    I really enjoyed the course English for IT and strongly recommend it to those who are preparing for a job interview in a software company. This course has an excellent structure and tools aimed to expand vocabulary and improve communication skills. It was very helpful for me, and I appreciate my teacher Oxana for her professional expertise and positive attitude!
  10. OlehNovember, 2022

    I highly recommend it. I joined in the "English for IT" course to improve my English, boost my confidence, and achieve my job search goal. This course was extremely beneficial to me. Practice with Oxana helped me in passing exams and better understanding the IT field. Thank you .
  11. NancyJuly, 2022

    I took this course to improve my English skills to be a confident Software QA Engineer. One week before completing the course, I got a job offer! I'm so happy and I highly recommend to study with Oxana! She is a great teacher with a beautiful soul!
  12. ZinaidaJuly, 2022

    The course is wonderful, it really allows you to improve your communication skills in the GA field. Oksana is a very professional and flexible teacher. Highly recommend!
  13. EvgeniyaApril, 2022

    I would like to say THANK YOU to Oxana for the great teaching English for IT. I have the ability to understand specific words and phrases. My studying in the online QA class becomes clearer and easier every time thanks to the course English for IT. Thank you for the opportunity to improve the level of English and QA.

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