I joined PCS, unsure about the move at first, but willing to work hard and take a leap of faith

I joined PCS, unsure about the move at first, but willing to work hard and take a leap of faith. The teachers, Janna, Olga, Sofia, Michael and Artem, have solid knowledge of their subjects and have a tab on the industry as well. You will likely be helped by Sofia Pravdina who looks out for you once you start applying. The internship, offered at the end of the class, will give you sound experience that makes the transition to the real job a bit more manageable, in my humble opinion.

It really came to believing in yourself, the teachers, the school and the rest of course is luck. Do your best!

Bernali May, 2022

You are the best

First, I want to say thank you to all the teachers of Portnov School. You are the best! A lot of my friends graduated from this school and got a job at top companies. Being a full time Mom with 3 kids I was a bit hesitant at the beginning but also decided to give it a try and was not disappointed. In two weeks after finishing the school I got 2 full time offers. Just do your best and study hard!

Dinara May, 2022

I completed my internship and the company has now hired me

I joined Portnov Computer School in Jan-2020 and my courses ended in April -2020. Due to some personal problems, I was not able to give interviews for the internship. I connected this year with Sofia, to see if she could help me with an internship. She didn’t ask me a single question about why I am connecting after two years. She was able to schedule an interview for me for a startup as a 3 month internship. I completed my internship and the company has now hired me. Thank you so much Sofia, Olga, Janna etc for all your help!

Yelp icon Deepika Mathur May, 2022

If you want to change your career as QA, best place to start with is Portnov

I was totally new to Technology and worried but Portnov made it so easy for me. Awesome knowledgeable and outstanding teachers, always ready to answer anytime you have question to clear your doubts. Great hands on experience, great detailed training and Material. They have most updated tools and technology. I got Job within a month. I would like thank you all staff of Portnov and specially to Jaana, Olga , Sofia Pravdina, Anya, Sofia, Julia and Mr. Mikhail. One thing I would like to suggest is do your homework.

Shveta May, 2022

I was referred to this school by my friend and it changed my life

Portnov school taught me everything needed to land my first job in IT field within FIRST week, and now I literally get paid twice more then I used to. I’m so thankful to Portnov and teachers that gave me this life-changing opportunity.

Russ May, 2022

Portnov Computer School is the best decision which I did and Thank You for changing my life in a best way

I want to express a huge gratitude to School and to all Wonderful Instructors for being so professional, knowledgeable, dedicated and patient. Every member of the school is there to help you, support and guide. I am impressed and can’t believe how much I grew in several months, how confident I became and how easy was this journey in changing my career. You will have here all the support to rock any interview and get a job offer as soon as possible.

Program and all the classes are very well organized, outstanding and information is up to date. Beside the theoretical knowledge I got here hands on experience, which is a must have in finding a dream job. The school will give you a great opportunity to change your career and life in a best way.

Thank you for caring and guiding even after I finished the course.

Ana P. May, 2022

The only thing I regret about Portnov Computer School is that I did not join them much earlier! I knew about that school for years before I joined them.

My experience with Portnov Computer School has been very positive and well paid. Their QA is well designed with exposure to the latest technologies and tools. Their curriculums have many opportunities to practice testing in hand with real applications, updated and most popular tools in the market including numerous popular interview questions. Their teachers are very knowledgeable and outstanding in the QA (manually & automation), API, Database, basic coding Knowledge (Html, CSS &JavaScript) and mobile testing in Android and IOs. The school genuinely cares about their students and treats you like family. They really focus on equipping the students with the right knowledge and preparing them for job interviews to succeed in their dreams. I would like to thank all the staff especially Janna, Sofia, Olgac and Anya etc….for their dedication and love.

I was doing it before and happy to do it again and again . Anyone to start or pursue his career in QA. I recommend that Portnov Computer School is the best place for you don’t hesitate. I guarantee you will not regret it !

Bisrat April, 2022

Portnov School taught and provided the necessary skills and training to jump-start my QA Engineer career

QA Basics, SWDM, QA Testing, QA Methodologies, Documentation, Bugs, HTML, CSS, JIRA, Confluence, JavaScript, SQL, XML, UNIX/Linux, Mobile Testing, API Automation, UI Automation, Git/GitHub, Cucumber/Gherkin, Selenium WebDriver, Xpath, Jenkins CI/CD. Can you ask of any other school that covers so much testing software and tools? The most important part is that students get help in their resumes as well as interviews and any and all questions. Highly recommend would be an understatement. Thanks for everything.

Nikita April, 2022

I got the job in 1,5 weeks after graduation

I’m thankful to school for the opportunity to start my career path in the IT field. I’m really happy that I had this journey with Portnov computer school and as a result I got the job in 1,5 weeks after graduation!

Olena Andrusenko April, 2022

My admission to Mikhail Portnov’s school was not an accidental or sudden decision.

I found out about the existence of these courses on Mikhail’s YouTube channel a few years before I moved to the United States. On his advice, I took several basic courses on programming in Java while still in Ukraine, which of course then helped me a lot in training and with finding a job. The process of studying on campus, along with internship and Job market clearance, took a total of 7 months + time to find a job. In my case, due to a delay in obtaining immigration documents (EAD), the job search took 5 months. It may not have been a quick process, but it was certainly worth the time and effort.

At the end of March this year, I received a job offer (remote/full time) at one of the IT companies in San Francisco. This is my first, small victory, and perhaps it would not have happened if it were not for the school of Mikhail Portnov. I am very grateful to my kind teachers – Janna Spector, Michael Sokolov, Sofia Gerasymenko, Galina Lagunova and Olga Chekhanovskaya for their high professionalism and honest work. Special thanks to Janna for her kind, one might say motherly care for us, her kind heart and concern for us.

I would also like to thank Sofia Pravdina, Anna, Irina for their always timely assistance in organizational issues that needed to be solved in the learning process.

Portnov Computer School certainly gives the necessary basis of knowledge (SQA, SQL, Unix, API, mobile, automation testing), skills as well as practical experience (several web/mobile projects) that is necessary to start your career in QA. If the profession of QA Engineer is what you would like to do in your life, and you are ready on your part also make some effort, time, patience and perseverance, then you have a very high chance of success.

Portnov’s school is the best choice in my opinion to implement it. Many thanks to Mikhail for his great work, chance, and opportunities that he gives to people!

Oksana April, 2022

A successful way to start your career with Portnov!!

I had a great experience working with Portnov as a student. This school teaches you in a right direction to reach to destination. Structured classes with assignments will make you more confident and students are motivated by teachers with their responses. This is the right place for anyone to start their career.

Vyjayanthi April, 2022

As a lot of people, I decided to switch my profession during the pandemic

I wanted to join the Portnov Computer School for a long time, but when everything went remote it was the best time to join. I never regretted. All the teachers that weren’t only teaching me, but sharing their own experience with passion was priceless. I learned a lot, not just how to be a QA Engineer, but also their enthusiasm inspired me so much.I was able to get a job on the first QA Interview ever. And yes, a lot of it has to do with my hard studying and repeating everything multiple times. But most of it because of the amazing teachers that I had and will never forget. Big thanks to Janna, Olga, Galina, Sofia, Luiza, Scott and all the school members. The school was very easy to reach out, and I always knew that if I have issues or questions, I can always call and they would help me. Even though I was never able to visit the school in person, these people became my family during the course.

Arthur March, 2022

Invest time at Portnov School and it is fruitful

Portnov school was referred to me by a friend recently. I have a 10 year career break and wanted to try Portnov to re-enter my career. The testing course curriculum has been molded in such a way that all the subjects are covered to be a successful QA Engineer. I truly appreciate the efforts of all the teachers – Miss Janna, Miss Olga, Sofia, Artem and Michael Sokolov.All the teachers are very patient , listen to the students input and clarify any questions. Miss Janna was the main instructor for our course and I would always reach out to her for any problems or solutions and she has always been there to guide me in the right path. This school groomed me that immediately after the course , I gave 2 interviews and I got offers from both of them. I would highly recommend this school.

Indira March, 2022


Through My friend I came to know about Portnov Computer School . And after joining Portnov I realize this is best decision which I ever made.

If you really want to enter in IT industry and don’t know where to start than no institute better than Portnov. I will highly recommend it.
Their curriculum is well designed according to market needs And all instructors are very experienced and supportive. Just you need to put your honest efforts according to their guidance.

And you will definitely get success. Because of Portnov I landed at my dream job. I am very grateful to my amazing instructors(Janna, Olga, Tanya, Galina)They always motivated me and special thanks to Sofia Pravdina who always ready to help. She is the backbone of Portnov. She always try to put each and every student in best internship/job placement according to their ability. Over all Portnov School has very positive and encouraging environment. I would say do not waste your time if you really want to enter in software industry join Portnov ASAP.

Manisha February, 2022

I took a plunge …and now working as an Automation QA Engineer in a big and respectable company

A year ago I was browsing these pages wondering whether this school is for me. I had a very vague idea of what QA is and had no clue what HTML, JS, or SQL are! ))) But I took a plunge …and now working as an Automation QA Engineer in a big and respectable company.

So, how could it happen in just a year?A big part of it is your dedication to learning. If you want to succeed you have to prepare to do your part of the work: lectures, homework, exploration, practice…daily! If you are willing to do your part then I can assure you that this school will do everything possible to teach and help you each step of the way!!! You see one incredible feature of the school is its staff. Amazing people! Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and experienced.

But someone can say “Well, there are knowledgeable people somewhere else as well” and probably will be right. But what sets this school family (yes, it feels like a family)) apart is a true passion for the profession as well as deep care for students’ success! Everyone in school wants you to achieve your goals.

They are not satisfied with you just getting through the course but want you to get a job and are ready to help you out anytime. If you will have problems they will try their best to help, if you land a job of your dreams they will celebrate it with you the way the only family does. It’s a place where people care!!! And I cannot stress it enough. I think that it’s crucial when you are climbing a mountain of new knowledge.

You need support and care and you have it here !!!! Truly. And you can’t help but get inspired ))). I was hooked during our first lecture with Janna Spector -“amazing, wonderful, beautiful” )). Her passion is highly contagious! Be warned! ))) Janna will make sure that you know the base of QA like your own name! )))

If you need a shot of self-confidence then gorgeous and intelligent Luiza will deliver it to you! ))) You will learn API testing with very calm and patient Sofia, and maybe will be lucky to go through the practice with her! )) Olga Chekanovskaya will teach you the most technical parts. It’s not scary, its fun, in big part because inside of Olga still lives a small curious girl who is open to continuous learning from students also ))) She also introduced us to my current love – Automation testing!))) Tanya was spectacular at teaching us Mobile Testing! Incredibly nice and funny person!))) Galina Logunova who was my instructor during the practice blew me away with her presentation of material and extra attention to students’ needs. If someone was struggling she was there ready to work with that person one on one. It takes true dedication. Amazing lady!!! Also very calm but warm ))). Anna and Irina, two great ladies, who were working behind the scenes to assure that the process goes smoothly!)) Sofia Pravdina! Extremely energetic, caring “mom” of the school who wants to help everyone and does!))))) …I just can’t express all the feelings and gratitude I have for every person I was lucky enough to meet at school! ))) It was a tough road but well worth it!!! And I’m extremely happy that I climbed it together with such wonderful people (and my smart and enthusiastic fellow students!!! Almost all of them are working now whether as a Manual QA or an Automation one!!!!)))) (

Guys, if you ll decide to go into Automation after the basic course then I cannot recommend enough the course of Slava Skryabin “Automation with Java”! It’s the Universe of its own!) Portnov School, you are the best, dear people! Thank you for teaching, guiding, caring. Thank you for the tough times and laughter shared! Potential new students, guys, I envy you ))) If you take this road in 4-5 months you will look back and will be amazed by how much you have learned and how much it transformed you!

Best of luck, future colleagues! You can do it)))

Oksana February, 2022
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