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It was the best decision

It was the best decision to pick Portnov Computer School as a starting point in my career change. I truly appreciate all the knowledge and support I got from school. And I am very thankful to all our instructors that lead us in this way to IT. All materials at school are up to date, instructors have real work experience in this field. And also school gives an opportunity to get hands-on experience of working in real projects.

Liliia January, 2023

Great teachers and plenty of practice and support during the entire course

I wanted to thank Portnov Computer School for providing all the necessary information and resources to get my first job in the IT industry. Great teachers and plenty of practice and support during the entire course. I specially wanted to mention the internal internship with Sofia – which was an amazing opportunity to experience the day-to-day tasks of a professional QA Engineer and prepare for the interview – as a result I got a job 2 weeks after graduation! Janna, Olga, Artem, Sofia and Michael – the effect you had on my life is mind-blowing and I can be more grateful. Thanks again!

Ana November, 2022

Best Investment

Choosing Portnov Computer School was easily one of the best decisions I made in my life; no other investment of my time and effort paid off as quickly and as obviously as the few months it took me to complete the Full Time program. The school helped me through every step of the way, solved all of my problems, gave answers to all of my questions; I personally know dozens of Portnov graduates who can say the same. I want to extend my gratitude personally to Sofia, Janna, Olga, Galina, and everybody else who helped me along the way; and, of course, special thanks to Michael Portnov himself for everything he’s done for me and others like me. If you want to become a working QA professional within months, the school is by far the best choice you have, I will never miss the chance to mention the school in any remotely relevant conversation about the software industry and recommend it to everybody I can.

Said November, 2022

Portnov Computer School was there for me from start to finish

I was feeling stagnant in my life and previous career path, so I decided to give Portnov Computer School a go after an acquaintance recommended it to me as a good program. As someone who came in with zero knowledge of coding and software testing, I never dreamed I would be able to get into the tech industry that fast. After just seven months learning persistently and following all the steps that the instructors laid out for us, I landed my first job as a Quality Assurance Engineer. Portnov Computer School was there for me from start to finish and I would most definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to make a change or improve their quality of life. These guys are the real deal!

Alisa October, 2022

Portnov has not only figured out the formula to get you hired but also WHO to use to get you there.

I highly recommend Portnov. I utilized their QA Express program and I could not imagine being successful in the QA market right now without what I learned. More than that, I could not have been successful in learning any of it without instructors like Janna. There were many times I felt like I should quit or that perhaps I wasn’t doing that well, and she was always patient with the class. She always took the time to demonstrate and thoroughly explain what was being taught. So even though, as she always reminded us, I was successful because of the work I put in, I could not have made it to the end without her wisdom, knowledge and guidance every step of the way. If you are considering a job in the QA world GO HERE! You will not be disappointed.

Jassmyn October, 2022

The best way to switch career to Testing/Automation Testing

I was looking to find a job in Testing/ Automation Testing, and one of my friends recommended me to join Portnov Computer school which turned out to be one of the best decisions taken by me. Thank you, Portnov, for preparing/teaching me with really high-quality job market-oriented skills. Big thanks to Janna, Olga, Sofia, Luiza, Marina and all the school members. The school was very easy to reach out, and I always knew that if I have issues or questions, I can always call and they would help me. The most important highlight of Portnov School is that, if you have will, even if you have no knowledge of Software/Testing basics the staff members of the school would prepare and guide you well enough to compete in the job market.

Prajitha October, 2022

I wanted to change my occupation and start earning a living from intellectual work

For several years I wanted to change my occupation and start earning a living from intellectual work again, as I did before moving to the USA. And at one point I decided to go to a Portnov Computer School and now I am grateful to myself and the school that this is happened to me. The training was so intense that sometimes I did not believe that it was possible to learn all the material even if the training period was doubled. But in fact, everything is possible, because now, as a result, I successfully passed all the exams, completed an internship and just as successfully received an invitation to work in a company that I could not even dream of. Thank you school for everything!

Pavel October, 2022

Go for it!

I don’t have enough words about how helpful the teachers are and they teach so well. Just your hard work and lessons from this school will lead you to your dream job. Go for it!

Depali October, 2022

Attending a course at the Portnov Computer School was one of my best decisions

The teachers are so highly knowledgeable and made sure that the fundamental concepts are very clearly understood. It helped me boost my confidence to prepare myself to face interviews. I am really thankful to Janna, Olga. Anna, Artem for their excellent guidance to quickly grasp some of the complex topics and materials of the course. I am grateful to the entire Portnov team for the excellent experience they provided that helped me to be successful in getting a job as a Software QA Analyst. I shall definitely recommend this school to all my friends.

Monmita September, 2022

Portnov school is a great place to start your career path

Portnov school is a great place to start your career path! As a student, you’ll learn extremely useful tools and how to apply them to your projects and future jobs. The program provides you with real working tasks and navigates you on almost every step! The teachers are very supportive and knowledgeable! You always have a way to solve any questions even outside of your class by contacting them through text, email, or phone. I was able to find a real job right after I graduated from Portnov school! If anyone will ever ask me how I become so successful that is because I start at a well-known school where people care about their graduates. I wish good luck to everyone on their way to their dreams!

Juliana September, 2022

The school program gives the opportunity to learn must have QA skills

I’ve got more self confidence because of kind words, support and feedback which teachers provides during classes. The school program gives the opportunity to learn must have QA skills like creating test cases, bug reports, API testing, working with databases and basics of Selenium Web driver for automating web application testing. If all the assignments were completed student get knowledge of QA processes and guidance for the future professional skills development. Thank you.

Alexandra September, 2022


This is the best way you can possibly find to start your IT-career in the US. Portnov Computer School will provide you with all the necessary knowledge (even more than actually required) to find your dream job in the IT market. All stages of education are well thought out, so you will get not only theoretical but real practical skills to get the job in QA. You will learn everything about QA, earn hands-on skills in web, and mobile testing, and work on multiple real projects with real tools. And except for all of this, you will be prepared for your further interviews. The teachers are skilled professionals with a lot of experience in the QA industry that will support you from your very start to your finish until you succeed in a job search! Definitely recommend this school to everyone who has a dream to work in IT! Thank you and all of your colleagues so much!

Kyrylo M. August, 2022

I got a lot of knowledge, got my first offer and realized that everything is possible

Hi everybody. I graduated by School in July 2022. For last 6-month school, employees and teachers, became part of my family. I would like to thank Sofia, Luiza, Janna, Julia for this awesome journey. I got a lot of knowledge, got my first offer and realized that everything is possible. Will recommend this school definitely to all my friends! Number One for me!

Seymur Aliyev August, 2022

Amazing curriculum that covers a lot

Highly recommend PortNov for anyone wishing to change career and enter the tech field as a Quality Assurance Engineer. Amazing curriculum that covers a lot, teachers are highly knowledgable, warm and friendly and they sincerely want you to succeed. They are passionate about this field and does everything within their power to help you succeed as well.

Mayuri Murugesu August, 2022

Portnov Computer School is the best investment you can do

The school thought me all the necessary technologies required for software QA Engineer. Also, the internship provided by the school gave me real time Software QA engineer experience. The job clearance interview by Olga from the school gave me more confidence and courage to face the outside interview. All the questions that were asked me in the interview was covered in the classes and I would say there were no surprise questions or topics in the interview. I would highly recommend Portnov Computer school for anyone looking to restart their career or anyone who wants to join IT industry. I am very grateful to my instructors Janna, Olga, Anna, Artem for all the guidance. Special thanks to Portnov staff Irina and Julia for helping me schedule my job clearance interview.

AN August, 2022
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