QA Automation Silver Bootcamp with Java

QA Automation Silver Bootcamp with Java




Slava Skryabin – Director of Software Development and Automation Architect. Designed and created Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript-based automation frameworks from the ground up that test UI, Mobile, Web-services, Databases, perform security vulnerabilities scanning. 

The course is project-based with writing automation scripts against multiple test applications.


  • All topics include project-based practice with multiple applications
  • Automated tests using Java, Cucumber, Selenium WebDriver and REST Assured
  • Xpath expressions and effective way to find and write them
  • TDD/BDD and why it is taking majority of the market. Behavior Driven Development using Cucumber
  • Installation and setup of the framework from the ground up with Maven
  • Java core concepts and effective way to learn it. From JDK 8 to JDK 11
  • Selenium API deep dive: WebDriver, WebElement, Actions, WebDriverWait, Select, etc.
  • Implicit and Explicit waits and when to use them
  • Dealing with all types of HTML elements (click, fill, validate, send, etc.)
  • Data structures for automation and their usage: Arrays, Maps, etc.
  • Understand web application high-level architecture to plan for effective testing
  • Cucumber hooks, test runner, test context, etc
  • Automate web services with focus on REST API (JSON, XML)
  • CRUD and other web service operations
  • REST API metadata documentation with Swagger
  • Utilizing test data source options: data files, database
  • Effective REST API automation with Unirest, REST Assured
  • Combine UI and REST API verification to create End-to-End tests
  • Configuration of Jenkins automation jobs for continuous integration
  • Jenkins pipeline for CI/CD (continuous integration / delivery) and how to use it
  • Source Control using Git including branching / merging
  • OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concepts
  • Encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism and abstraction with real automation examples
  • Debugging, fixing and troubleshooting automation scenarios
  • Being SDET: utilizing automation architectural patterns
  • Priorities: automate scenarios to replace existing manual test cases
  • Automate your own application at work for real benefit
  • Practice multiple coding challenges to enhance problem solving skills
  • Cloud application (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) infrastructure from QA perspective
  • Find and deal with cases that only automation can cover
  • Security testing: vulnerabilities, focus and benefits
  • See real-life setup examples, processes and continuous integration / delivery
  • Defend and prove knowledge on the interview


  • Develop automated tests using Java, Cucumber and Selenium WebDriver
  • Test REST API utilizing JSON/XML in Java automation project
  • Combine UI and REST API verification to create End-to-End tests
  • Navigate over multiple pages, click buttons, type into text boxes, select from drop-downs, etc.
  • Automate your existing manual scenarios or repetitive actions at work
  • Understand IaaS / PaaS / SaaS applications and their infrastructure
  • Understand CI/CD (continuous integration / delivery) with Jenkins pipeline setup
  • Utilize Source Control with example of Git including pull requests and merges
  • Debug automation scenarios to find root cause of issues
  • Maintain and perform updates to automation scenarios to reflect UI pages changes
  • Implement automated test cases using Page Object pattern


80 lecture hours + 120 lab hours by arrangement
Registration fee: $250.00 (Mandatory, non-refundable)
Tuition: $2,200.00 (Mandatory, refundable)
Manuals, handouts, lab time and equipment: at no charge to students
Total: $2,450.00
The total amount for all fees, charges and services the student is obligated to pay for the course is $2450.00 (two thousand four hundred and fifty dollars)


  • Pay with a debit/credit card (the option is available in our shopping cart)
  • Pay with the Zelle app (make a transfer from your Zelle account)
  • Mail us a check (make checks payable to “Portnov Computer School”, mail to 4966 El Camino Real, #123, Los Altos, CA 94022)

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Reviews from the previous class

  1. ArturJuly, 2021

    First of all THANK YOU very much for this course! I learned a lot of new things from it. To be honest I don't have experience in QA, just in Desktop/User support. I have a little experience in Java. So... I really like this course and appreciate your efforts to help me, THANK YOU!!!
  2. SergeyJuly, 2021

    The strong focus on professional development is the most fabulous point of the course IMHO. I've learned topics and obtained skills enough to start a new role as a QA Automation Engineer almost a month ago. Moreover, a big picture of QA Automation given by Slava helped me to build my own plan for self education in the domain and for further professional development. I really appreciate him for that great class.
  3. NatashaJuly, 2021

    Excellent online course, very well organized and designed, provides priceless practical knowledge. Great slides and material recommendation. Especially like that it has class video recordings (I think it really helps to eliminate many unnecessary questions to instructor: students can simply go back and re-watch the video to capture what was missed). I would really like to be contacted about future Slava's courses. Thank you!
  4. AndyJuly, 2021

    I enjoyed the course. Overall the program was clear to understand and helped me to learn basic coding skills. The program was structured well and the presenter was very skillful in explaining complexity of coding in a simple way. The team leader was great and provided all necessary support to students to complete homework or answer questions. All the best to the team.
  5. VaidasJuly, 2021

    Everything was very well organized. I can say with confidence that Slava is one of the best teachers and it's a reason why I choose the Portnov Computer School for Automation class.
  6. AnastasiaJuly, 2021

    Slava has magic talent to explain complicated things on very simple language. He changed my mind, all difficult questions became just clear and understandable. The most difficult part was Java interview coding challenge and he explained this topic many times and was so patient with us. He gave us useful advice and interview tips, showed reality and problems in real environment and gave us global understanding of Software testing processes which really important if you feel not confident. Thank you so much for this class! You gave us more than we’re expected. You really tried to do the best for us and give us key for successful and interesting life with opportunity to be Automation Engineer and do really amazing things. I appreciate your help and support! You’re the best teacher in my life! Please keep going and continue to make difference in this world! You’re changing people destiny!
  7. RinatJuly, 2021

    Thanks for Slava - he showed all the best and useful experience he have.
  8. LenaJuly, 2021

    First of all, I would like to thank you and your team for sharing all this incredible information, for your patience and support!!! When I decided to take this course, I thought it might be impossible to finish with my level of experience in QA and programming. Fortunately, I was surprised because you explained, drew, demonstrated and repeated everything several times. Everything were perfect: the course material was presented in a clear and structured manner, handouts cover every single topic, home works were enough complicated for self-improving. It was very nice to have people with different experience level and background in group because they asked unexpected questions: from simple to very complicated. The bootcamp was dynamic, intense and super cool!
  9. JuliaJuly, 2021

    Organization of the learning process is very good, our team lead as well as support from others was very good. Slava always responded and gave clear answers. Thank you for the great opportunity and very deep knowledge. Great job!
  10. ElenaJuly, 2021

    Thanks for the course. Very structured, understandable even for a non-technical person. The course keeps you busy with homework and ongoing study. This is a good push to learn more and more.
  11. RudyJuly, 2021

    This course is brilliant! Packed with useful knowledge and very well structured. Sometimes I was even overwhelmed by the amount of new things to learn. Slava goes above and beyond in sharing his knowledge and experience. This course is priceless.
  12. IreneJuly, 2021

    • The course is well structured. • The course is suitable for people with experience in QA as well as for beginners, but with high motivation. • The main advantage of the course is learning through practice from the very first lesson! • It's very helpful the students were divided into teams with their leaders!
  13. DanJuly, 2021

    Slava, you're a true expert in the field! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and teaching us!
  14. AnthonyJuly, 2021

    I am very satisfied with the class. Everything was clear and understandable. Especially I would like to mention the XPath part - it was just brilliant.
  15. GregJuly, 2021

    Slava is a very strong presenter and a teacher. Great structure of the course: the slides and homework assignments provided the students with everything we need to study at home and learn with hands on practice. Thank you so much for separating us into the groups and a huge thanks to our volunteers that dedicated so much time to review our homework and guide us when we needed.
  16. SergeyJuly, 2021

    Awesome Bootcamp! Must-have for a QA Automation.
  17. LeroyJune, 2021

    Very valuable skills for automated software testing.

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