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Intensive Evening Bootcamp

Intensive Evening Bootcamp




Artem Oganesyan – Tech Lead with over 18 years of experience in IT. Developed Web and Mobile applications projects in financial sector for e-Banking with microservice architecture and highest requirements on fault-tolerance and scalability.


  • Participate in a hands-on real life web application software testing project (both manual and automated)
  • Perform Rest API testing using Developers tools and Postman
  • Practice Test Automation with Selenium Webdriver, Java and Cucumber, building locators for the elements on web page
  • Use Jira – Agile management tool with X-ray plugin
  • Write and execute SQL queries for back-end testing
  • Get familiar with Jenkins for CI/CD
  • Utilize version control tools: Git/GitHub
  • Write Test Cases (positive, negative, boundary) & Bug reports
  • Perform various types of testing: regression, build acceptance/smoke, browser/device compatibility, usability, GUI
  • Get hands-on with Agile environment/company processes
  • Participate in Scrum rituals: Stand Up meetings, Sprint plannings and Retrospectives
  • Practice with interview questions
  • Have online support in group and individual chats.

Daily Meetings at 5 pm PST


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Reviews from the previous class

  1. Barnali NandyApril, 2022

    The internal internship with Sofia was a 5 week intense run showing us how a Scrum environment works and also going into the practical knowledge of API and UI automation.
  2. Nikita BApril, 2022

    Just finished an amazing bootcamp with Sofia. She was a superstar. I've enjoyed every lesson. Detailed, fast-paced but with ability to stop and ask questions along the way which were welcomed at any time. I highly recommend Sofia for anyone interested in QA Engineer position. This bootcamp was a blast to have. Thank you so much for all the hard work.
  3. EugeniaFebruary, 2022

    I have finished the Boot Camp with Sofia and I’m so thankful for creating this such a great learning project. It has a good structure and works perfectly. This is a simulation of real work process with a mentor who explain you everything and answer on all your questions. Sofia is an amazing tutor, she is knowledgeable, very polite and has very good positive attitude that inspires students to go ahead and do not give up. Also Sofia professional in material explanation, even it’s difficult, she can explain it in understandable ways. I highly recommend to take this course to train your practical skills.
  4. Oleksandra KFebruary, 2022

    I just finished a 5-week bootcamp with Sofia and I am super excited and thankful for everything she taught us! Tons of useful information, real-life experience of QA Engineer + additional info to each activity. Basically, you are working as a QA Engineer and have a mentor who is always there for your questions. Sofia has a great personality, she is patient, knowledgeable, she is really good at explaining complicated tasks in an understandable easy way. I would highly recommend taking BootCamp with her! Thank you Sofia!!!
  5. natallia kFebruary, 2022

    I highly recommend boot camp with Sofia. It will definitely improve your skills, will give you understanding of the whole picture of QA process. During these 5 weeks of the boot camp you will be able to feel what it is like to work in a real company. Sofia is a great tutor - she knowledgeable, patient, attentive to each and every student and to each and every answer. She is able to hold the attention of the whole group. We learned so much from her. I also liked a lot how the learning process was organized, it was such a workflow when each new module comprises the knowledge you gained at a previous module. And if you are diligent and determined enough and complete all the tasks, at the end you'll be absolutely proud of yourself. Of what you are able to do at the end of the course and how knowledgeable and confident you became. Thanks a lot to Sofia, to Michail, I suppose it was him who created all this course, to Slava for his framework. And a tip for those who enroll: go ahead and revise SQL, Postman and types of testing - you gonna use these a lot.
  6. NinoFebruary, 2022

    I just finished boot camp with Sofia and want to thank her for every single class that she created and spent time with us. She is very knowledgeable, efficient, very patient and reliable person. I highly recommend her class to everyone, to get more knowlwdge and confidet in our profession. Thank you so much Sofia!
  7. Viktoriia DieterFebruary, 2022

    It was a great boot camp with Sofia. I received a really important experience and really necessary knowledge. Sofia is so attentive teacher. She helped all the time. She knows a lot and shared this knowledge with us. Thank you!!
  8. AizaDecember, 2021

    We just finished our internal internship , last one for this year.Sofia was our instructor, Thank you so very much for this Internship! For your patience with my million questions, and explaining everything. I really enjoyed this time and fell in love with API testing(because of Sofia) and got very interested in automation too.
  9. DaniilDecember, 2021

    Sofia is highly knowledgeable and very friendly. She will answer all your questions, and you can depend on her providing the best answer available, delivered in a manner by which you can understand. At the same time, she is personable and you can sense she truly cares.
  10. TarlanNovember, 2021

    Thank you Sofia, She did a great job and I highly recommend working with her.
  11. IlviraNovember, 2021

    Very efficient, professional and straight to the point. Thank you for great experience!
  12. MaxNovember, 2021

    Thank you so much, Sofia! Bootcamp is really intensive course with lot of valuable & useful information and hands on experience.
  13. OlgaNovember, 2021

    Sofia, thank you so much! She went above and beyond to teach us. I got a job offer during my internship!
  14. MargaritaSeptember, 2021

    I would like to say thank you to our instructors Janna, Olga, Sofia! Thank you very much for everything you did for us!!! You are like our parents who taught us how to do our first steps in our new career. We will never forget you. Thank you very much for your PATIENCE!!! For the knowledge you shared with us. Sofia, thank you very much for the internship. She is always on the call and ready to help. I got answers for absolutely all the questions that I asked as well as my classmates. It was very useful, productive. During the internship we understood the process better and used the knowledge we got from our classes. Everything during the course was understandable, clearly explained. Thank you again!!!
  15. LiubovSeptember, 2021

    Boot camp with Sofia ended today. It was an unreal 5 weeks! I received the colossal knowledge necessary to start work, the gaps were closed. I highly recommend taking this camp if you are taking your first step. in the direction of work QA engineer. Thanks to Sofia for her support, kindness and knowledge that she shared with us.
  16. ZhadyraSeptember, 2021

    It was a big pleasure to be part of this Bootcamp. Sofia was going above and beyond for their students and all of the lessons were very informative and engaging. A lot of useful information and homework assignments to practice. Definitely like this course and recommend attending to boost a career! Thanks to all teachers, and people who took part in my education.
  17. Kate MateJune, 2021

    It was amazing! I cannot ask for a better teacher than Sofia. This is an excellent and very valuable course that will introduce you to the practical part of testing. I would like to have a similar course with a mobile application.
  18. Alex KJune, 2021

    It was a great and valuable experience. Thank you, Sofia, for the mentoring!
  19. TanyaJune, 2021

    I enjoyed every class. Sofia teacher with a lot of experience in teaching, technical knowledge. Class always had a lot of homework. I will highly recommend her. Thanks Sofia.
  20. OlgaMay, 2021

    Everything was very useful. I love this Internship. Sofia is great teacher.
  21. MargaritaMay, 2021

    everything was useful. I like that Sofia helped everyone, answered questions and checked our tasks. She is the best teacher in Portnov school.
  22. LizavetaMay, 2021

    Extensive practice on the studied material
  23. JuliaMay, 2021

    Every day of the internship was very informative and useful at all. The instructor is very professional.
  24. IrynaMay, 2021

    Internship was one of the most important part of our course! Every day was very useful. We practiced test activity in more depth. We had individual tasks, individual attention and help if difficulties occurred. Our instructor was a great teacher and very knowledgeable professional in the fields of Software QA Engineering. It was amazing experience and a great way to learn new technologies.
  25. EvgenyMay, 2021

    Video recording, Clear tasks
  26. AznivMay, 2021

    Everything was useful. It was nice cover up of all subjects we learned during the entire course and Sofia explained everything very well.
  27. AlexeyMay, 2021

    The entire internship was helpful. I didn't expect the internship to be so constructive. Many thanks to Sofia. She did a great job.
  28. AlexMay, 2021

    Technical explanations, practicing interview questions, homework quality, homework feedback, hands-on experience in Agile.
  29. AndreiMay, 2021

    everything was useful. improved all skills in QA engeeniring, API testing, API automation, writing test cases, test autoation, and etc. Thanks a lot Sofia
  30. ViktoriiaMay, 2021

    Everything was very useful.
  31. Vitalija R.L.May, 2021

    I took internship after online class. From online class I got theoretical knowledge, what is SQA. After this internship I got: First, I was able to combine theoretical knowledge with practice. I experience a real project. For e.g.: I knew what a Test Set, Test Case are, but through this practice I learned how it relate to test automation, how important it is to be accurate when writing Test Cases. I could learned from my mistakes and from best practice another students. Second, I learned to actually use tools that are popular in the work environment. I got better understanding where I should use one tool and where another tool. For e.g. now I know why I have to learn the basics of Java or another language. I gained more confidence in using those tools. Third, I learned how to work in IT team and got more understanding how can be in real IT/QA team. After the internship I see a broader view of SQA and better understanding of the SQA process.
  32. InaMay, 2021

    Everything was useful for me, the practice helped me a lot to understand everything . Especially API , ui automation
  33. BogdanaMay, 2021

    That we were able to practicing with lot of tools and communicate with each other. That is a great thing to have a mentor you can ask questions or clarify something when u need it. Sofia was very helpful and supportive. It was great to understood what this job look alike from the inside. Before the internship i wasn't sure if QA is that something i want to keep going with, but after this internship i realized that this is what i really want to do in mine life. And i really enjoyed the whole process of studying and learning new things during this internship. I believe it's because Sofia made the process of studying enjoyable with all her detailed explanations of every subjects and gave us all the assignments, practice and support we needed.
  34. AnnaMay, 2021

    All was useful! Have real practice with tools (Jira, Postman, Intellij Idea, GitHub), speak on stand up meetings, receive feedback, see how problems can be solved for other students. To be honest I cannot imagine how would I go to the job market without this bootcamp. Such a big difference in knowledge and self-confidence! Thank you for this program!
  35. AnaMay, 2021

    Everything that we didn't understand was very good explained by Sofia, we learned a lot of new information and got great resources for studying.
  36. AlenaMay, 2021

    Every day was useful. I've gained a lot of practice knowledge starting from Jira, Stand-up meetings to Selenium and Cucumber. Everyday home work was very useful and help to keep working non-stop.
  37. AiCheinMay, 2021

    Hands on experience in real work
  38. Dhanya SivasankaranMay, 2021

    It was a great experience for me working with such an enthusiastic team and team lead. I felt like working in a real company with an exciting Application/Project. I gained a deep knowledge in API testing and learned the basics of Automation testing. The video recording was also very helpful if we want to check anything later. Interview questions discussion part was also really helpful. Daily stand up meeting, trouble shooting sections was also helpful.
  39. OlenaMay, 2021

    The internship was very informative and I received a lot of knowledge. From this, I was able to gain practice which made me feel more confident in SQA field.
  40. KatsiarynaMay, 2021

    It was very useful. We've learned and practiced a lot. The teacher was very educated, professional and also very patient. We all were on the same page, we didn't have anyone who was behind.
  41. MikhailMay, 2021

    every day was very helpful and useful for me !!!! Sofia one of the best teachers which i met in my life. (i had a lot of teacher in my school in my first and second university. She is very young but very professional!!!!). Im very happy what i was one of her student!
  42. AlekseiMay, 2021

    For me was very useful work with automation
  43. SeyranMay, 2021

    I learned a lot in this internship about Jira, SQL,API ,Git/GitHub.Its a good start for QA engineer but a lot of knowledge we should learn on to go .Technology changes very fast so we need to keep up with it.Thank you Sofia.
  44. MartaMay, 2021

    Very useful was working on project and solve problems during meetings. I liked a lot of practical work. I can understand much better everything after practicing in class and doing home work. Really like our automation of test cases it was really cool. Stand-up meeting great too. We did a lot of work on interview questions.
  45. HoneyMay, 2021

    It was useful because it felt like a real job or close to a real one which is needed I believe because that helps learn more about the field. Its hands on training and counts towards our experience which we can include in our resume. The tools were useful and Sofia helped us understand each tool from her knowledge. Also there were somethings that I didn't understand 100% during regular class sessions but Sofia went over them again as recap and they made more sense. Helped us to prioritize our time management, schedule and the way we communicate with the team. Sofia was always there to help answer with any project questions and even personal ones in a timely manner. Overall it was a good experience and just want to thank Portnov for this opportunity
  46. MargaritaMay, 2021

    Jira experience, API automation, Cucumber with Selenium WebDriver
  47. LauraMay, 2021

    Videos, PPs, hands on experience, teacher-student interaction, interview questions discussions
  48. AndriiMay, 2021

    Working in team experience. Working with all the tools that are used during STLC. Actual practical experience.
  49. MaxMay, 2021

    I appreciated brisk presentation style of instructor. Very direct and straightforward with instruction and feedback. Encouraged us to seek out answers to issues that came up outside of meetings. Relieved to get a job-style schedule simulation. Excited to get out to the workforce to see how this translates.
  50. IrynaMay, 2021

    It was useful to learn and practice with new technology and also this internship definitely gave me more confidence as I felt like I am working on real project in a real job.
  51. MalikaMay, 2021

    Sofia was very responsive and helpful with any question i had. Her support help to understand the subject better.
  52. NeetuMay, 2021

    Everything learned in this internship was useful. Working using agile methodology. Hands on experience writing test cases and organizing test sets, Making test sets executable, testing the application against requirements, Understanding the functional specifications, Using SQL Pro, bug reporting, bug triaging, various types of testing: smoke, functional, regression, built acceptance. Automating API requests using postman and swagger. Setting up automation framework using swagger ad working with automation using the knowledge of xpath. Working with Git and Git hub. Practicing interview questions.
  53. AndreyMay, 2021

    All practical tasks were very useful as well as interview questions overview.
  54. RashmiMay, 2021

    The program was well designed to mimic the real-life work environment. The internship instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. I learnt quite a lot during this program. I personally like the sessions where we went through discussing interview questions which were very useful. Thanks to Sofia. She's an amazing instructor.

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