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Intensive Evening Bootcamp with Galina

Intensive Evening Bootcamp with Galina




Galina Lagunova – Internship Program Instructor


  • Participate in a hands-on real life web application software testing project (both manual and automated)
  • Perform Rest API testing using Developers tools and Postman
  • Practice Test Automation with Selenium Webdriver, Java and Cucumber, building locators for the elements on web page
  • Use Jira – Agile management tool with X-ray plugin
  • Write and execute SQL queries for back-end testing
  • Get familiar with Jenkins for CI/CD
  • Utilize version control tools: Git/GitHub
  • Write Test Cases (positive, negative, boundary) & Bug reports
  • Perform various types of testing: regression, build acceptance/smoke, browser/device compatibility, usability, GUI
  • Get hands-on with Agile environment/company processes
  • Participate in Scrum rituals: Stand Up meetings, Sprint plannings and Retrospectives
  • Practice with interview questions
  • Have online support in group and individual chats.

Daily Meeting at 5pm PST


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  • Mail us a check (make checks payable to “Portnov Computer School”, mail to 830 Stewart drive, #106, Sunnyvale, CA 94085)
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Reviews from the previous class

  1. HelenaMay, 2024

    The quality of instruction at this bootcamp is outstanding. Instructor Galina Lagunova knows the subject deeply and shares her practical experience generously, making learning very effective. Thanks to her, I understood the project structure better, organized my knowledge, and felt confident in my abilities. The Internship Program is a must for everyone, whether you've taken QA courses or studied independently. It lets you apply your knowledge to real projects and solidify important skills for professional growth. I'm very grateful to Portnov School for this opportunity and highly recommend it to anyone looking to advance their QA career. This internship boosts your professionalism and helps you reach your goals.
  2. Sergiu PMay, 2024

    Very effective course with a highly professional teacher. Thank you, Galina, for empowering your students to reach their full potential!
  3. Geronti L.May, 2024

    Bootcamp with Galina was extremely helpful and informative. It helped me not only to structure my theoretical knowledge but also to receive good hands-on experience. Thank you Galina!
  4. Vitalii KMay, 2024

    It was extremely helpful
  5. RobertApril, 2024

    This internship suited me well because it informed me of the many skills that are required to work in a QA environment, and it taught me about the kind of input that a real QA job would expect from me.
  6. Vladimir VMarch, 2024

    Many heartfelt thanks, Galina! A teacher who can share his personal time and experience so that we can grow as QA engineers.
  7. VitaliiDecember, 2023

    That was a great and intensive experience with Galina. I enjoyed every part of it. So much hands-on practise helped me a lot to summarize all what I've learned at Portnov Computer School and understand it a bit deeper. I really appreciate her individual after classes explanations and help with my tasks, that was so good to have. Thank you a lot!!!🌹🎯👍❤️
  8. SalamatDecember, 2023

    With Galina, I had the best experience. Consistently responsible and eager to assist! The course is extremely organised and structured. I learned a lot thanks to Galina! 🙂
  9. Timur TDecember, 2023

    I have learned so much with my class with ms Galina. She paces the class just right so you feel challenged but not overwhelmed. She always answered my question and responded very fast to any blockers ot issues.She is patient and eager to help. Ms Galina is an exellent teacher. As a student, you fell pushed to learn and try out new approaches and feel safe and supported in doings and gain valuable feedback that helps you to improve. Thank you!!!
  10. Tetiana Ch-FloridaDecember, 2023

    Galina's teaching at the Portnov Computer School internship program was exceptional. Her strong communication skills set a positive tone for learning. The hands-on activities were abundant, adding practical depth to the experience. Galina excelled at simplifying complex information, making it easily understandable. Overall, her teaching style made the program enjoyable and effective she is my favorite teacher ❤️🙏
  11. YuliiaOctober, 2023

    I highly recommend an internship with Galina. Her lessons were very informative and useful. As for me it was a great opportunity to see what is Product Backlog, how to work with different Jira tickets and how the team works in Agile. I was able to better understand API testing and have more practise with Automation. Galina spends a lot of time after classes to help students to resolve blocking issues. I'm very thankful to Galina for her kind attention, expertise and readiness to help. Good luck with everything!
  12. TatsianaOctober, 2023

    I highly recommend internship with Galina! I truly appreciate the knowledge and skills I've gained under your guidance. Thank you for inspiring me, for your patience and encouragement, and for believing in my potential. It was not easy, it took me so much time and efforts to successfully complete the program, but now I feel much more confident and ready for the market. Thank you one more time!
  13. Lara KAugust, 2023

    It's a hands-on, real experience kind of course, logically organized as well. It really helps you put the pieces of the puzzle together after completing the QA program. Galina was on top of her job. She offered assistance after each class and would help you resolve any blocking issues. The program is intense, it is true, so you have to commit if you want to see results. Completing it will give you a great sense of accomplishment, and definitely will help you feel prepared for the field.
  14. Viktor SJune, 2023

    I highly recommend the QA internship course with Galina. She is an excellent teacher with extensive knowledge and experience in software testing. The course offers a well-structured schedule, including homework assignments and practical exercises. Galina actively engages participants, fosters critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. She is always available to provide assistance and offers constructive feedback. This course will help you gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the field of QA.
  15. LawrenceJune, 2023

    The 6 weeks I spent with Galina in the internship I relearned, polished and was able to apply the knowledge of everything the school has taught us. The structure of relearning the tools and methods was very clear. The breakdown of how work as a QA engineer flows, and working at that pace was very concise. How she facilitated and trusted us to do the work ourselves and gave feedback in and out of class made me believe I can pursue this field. She's motivating and provided me a support system that all of us are still figuring it out together. She encouraged me and helped me find my voice and newfound passion in QA. I finally felt everything that we learned came to fruition and I am ready to dive in as a QA engineer. Thank you, Galina, I appreciate you; it was a pleasure learning and working with you.
  16. Olga RJune, 2023

    I want to share with you that I got the job offer two days ago and I want to say Thank You for your hard work,time and energy that you have invested in our class! Huge Thank You for all the skills and knowledges that I learned from the internship with you! Thank you again and best of luck!
  17. TanyaApril, 2023

    Bootcamp with Galina was extremely helpful and informative. It helped me not only to structure my theoretical knowledge but also to receive good hands-on experience.
  18. Anna BorysenkoApril, 2023

    I want to say thank you to the School and special thanks to Galina. The internship with Galina helped me organize and systematize my theoretical knowledge and better understand how to work in a Scrum team, perform API testing, develop test cases using Xray, create Cucumber scenarios, and much more. Galina was very patient and helped each student not only during the class , but also after if someone needs help.
  19. Svetlana IvanovaApril, 2023

    The internship with Galina was amazing! All knowledge that we had before internship now applied in one project and everything became clear! Galina was very attentive to everyone. She always helped if we had any questions. It was the right decision to take an internship with Galina! Thank you very much Galina for the experience and knowledge!
  20. Irina ZhevnerFebruary, 2023

    I would like to say huge thank you to Portnov Computer School for giving me opportunity to have internship with wonderful instructor Galina. She is such a high professional QA and instructor, so as kind and helpful person. Galina always finds time to answer a lot of questions, help with each little detail in practise and theory. Galina works very hard: uploades video recording right after the class, answers all questions in 5 minutes, helps with each and every step. Highly recommend this great internship program, and Galina as an instructor:)
  21. Inna MartynchukFebruary, 2023

    I would like to thank our wonderful teacher Anna and the whole team of Portnov School for this practical training. These 6 weeks were filled with a lot of useful information that consolidated knowledge from previous theoretical lessons. After the boot camp, I have a clear understanding of the profession, gained experience.
  22. Anastasiia EasleyFebruary, 2023

    I just want to say thank you Portnov Computer School for give me the opportunity to complete internship with amazing instructor Galina. I got so much knowledge and interest in QA during bootcamp. Galina is such a professional was so kind and helpful. Every time when we had any questions Galina was able to solve the problems even using time after class. Thank you Galina for your all hard-work with our group! I highly recommended this internship!
  23. Taras BilykFebruary, 2023

    I never thought I will be saddened about finishing this internship. I went into this internship knowing that it will be a very hard experience, and it truly was but on the other side, Galina made this experience so much more interesting and challenging at the same time. Her professionalism and understanding, also patients with students like me, only made me want to do better. Thank you so much Galina for your hard work and your knowledge that you shared with us.
  24. Olga RubenFebruary, 2023

    Today is a bit sad day, because this is the last day of my internship with Galina. I can say with confidence that I would love to go through this amazing experience again. It was difficult and pretty challenging, but extremely useful and rewarding. Galina is not only a very professional and competent instructor, but also a very patient, tactful and understanding person. Thank you very much, Galina, for your hard work and knowledge that you shared with us. Also, I want to say huge thank you for uploading video recordings 30 minutes after each session, it was really important.
  25. Anna BFebruary, 2023

    Galina made my internship experience easy and enjoyable. Not only that she is a knowledgeable, professional and competent instructor, she is also a kind, understanding and compassionate person. She took the time to explain the material to each of us - you can tell that our education matters to her and she wants us to excel and succeed. Me and my husband both got the privilege to have Galina as our instructor and we couldn’t ask for a better experience. Thank you Galina and the staff for guiding us on our journey!
  26. RadhikaFebruary, 2023

    Galina is an awesome instructor, very knowledgeable and is extremely patient with the students. She made sure that everyone in class had a clear understanding of the concepts and she was always ready to spend extra time incase anyone needed help with the material. This internship is very well structured and gives you a real workplace experience. Highly recommend this Bootcamp!
  27. MargaretaNovember, 2022

    This internship has given me more confidence and I think that will serve me very well in the future, in my career goal. I want to tell thank you so much for Galina's patience and professionalism. She encouraged us, and help with the gap which we had during our internship.It was a unique and great experience to have Galina as my instructor. Thank you Galina for everything!
  28. Tatyana TsoySeptember, 2022

    The internship I was lucky enough to be enrolled in was interesting, challenging, and effective. I had a chance to see how things work in an actual project with daily stand-up meetings and everyday tasks. I am profoundly grateful to Galina, who is a great instructor and mentor! All acquired knowledge of the course is now structured and digested. I definitely recommend this Bootcamp!
  29. SandraSeptember, 2022

    Galina is an amazing teacher. She provided clear instructions during every class and good size homework to organize existing knowledges and go deeper in a short period of time. I also enjoy that we didn’t spend much time on personal issues during the class but Galina provided great support right after each session for everyone who needed any help. Thank you very much Galina for everything! It was great experience.
  30. Anastasiia ShelestSeptember, 2022

    I finished my internship with Galina. It was a very helpful and intense course where we refreshed memory about all the topics and got a lot of hands-on real-life experience. Finally, a lot of dots are connected. Galina is a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. Thank you Galina!
  31. Melissa A. BozoklarJuly, 2022

    I am so lucky to attend to the internal internship. Whole QA FLEX, we saw all topics as micro based. With this internal internship, we had an opportunity to see on macro perceptive. We combined all things that we saw before step by step and we learnt how we will do it on the real life. We started from manual testing steps and how to convert to automation. Plus we saw how we can write basic Java scripts and more helpful tools. Absolutely, taking the internal internship with Galina is necessary not maybe. It was kind of continued education. If you feel yourself, not ready yet and little bit confused for all automation steps, you should take this internship. You can understand more, what and why are you doing, not only how you can do it. We were coming from all different background and different understanding. Thank you Galina, you were always with us on Slack & made small zoom meetings one by one for more understanding without judgement.
  32. Hashmat Khalil ZarifiJuly, 2022

    Galina, my gratitude to you, for all you have done. I truly appreciate you and the time you spent helping our Bootcamp. Thank you very much for the course. I enjoyed the practical parts and practices given to us as homework. I highly recommend it this Bootcamp to QA students, enjoy, learn and practice.
  33. TruworkJuly, 2022

    I would recommend taking QA Bootcamp with Galina. Although I felt the homework was a lot to handle at times with full time job, it was definitely necessary and this Bootcamp was the glue to comprehending all the materials I learned on QA Flex Course. I love that she posted the class recording videos right away, I appreciated that so much. Thank You Galina!
  34. Radu VilcuJuly, 2022

    I'm very satisfied with this bootcamp, I have learned a lot, highly recommend everyone to attend it, Galina is a great instructor with a lot of patience and experience. Thank you Galina for everything!!
  35. Larissa O'MalleyJuly, 2022

    Just finished Internship Bootcamp! I am very glad that I participated in this, school offered program. This Bootcamp with Galina is a very intense one, so be prepared for a looooooot of home work 🙂 At the end it is worth it! It gave me the summary of the material we learned in our class hours during QA Flex courses. Galina is a very knowledgable teacher! She clarified many things that I had questions about. She was very helpful between our daily assignments, if there were questions that needed to be resolved. Galina was very prompt posting our home work assignments too! So, taking into account the difference in time zones, I really appreciated her promptness in it. Rewatching recorded videos made a difference in my understanding the material better as well as remembering it. So, if you enjoy fast paced, intense work place, this Bootcamp with Galina is for you! Hope you enjoy it! And good luck in QA field endeavors!
  36. Olga KobyJuly, 2022

    I am glad I've attended internal internship with Galina. It was intense, but so practical and informative that I definitely feel more confident ahead of a new career. It polished my skills and knowledge obtained in Portnov School during QA course. This bootcamp is a quintessence of a QA course, therefore I highly recommend it. Thank you, Galina!
  37. ElenaMay, 2022

    I’m very satisfied to participate at this course! Gallina a very smart teacher, best explanation, covering all necessary stuff. Highly recommend this course!
  38. UlianaApril, 2022

    I am so grateful for this Bootcamp which gives you the full picture of the QA process in addition to the main course. Also, I wanted to shine a light on Galena. She has comprehensive knowledge of the subject and the talent of a great teacher.
  39. Katya S.April, 2022

    The bootcamp with Galina was an amazing learning experience. I got hands-on experience on working with Jira, creating test cases, performing REST API testing and automation. Galina is amazing teacher, she also was very helpful every time I had a trouble with my assignment. The course boosted my previous knowledge from online class and gave me the confidence to start my job search. Thank you Galina for all your effort!
  40. Irina ZApril, 2022

    It was a well organized online internship led by Galina who is truly passionate about teaching and sharing her deep knowledge. She was always patient and available to help. She would go an extra mile making sure that recordings are uploaded and available the very same night after the session. This was a very immersive and interesting course with a lot of practice to be done on your own. I highly recommend this bootcamp. Thank you, Galina, for being such an amazing instructor!
  41. Igor KApril, 2022

    Bootcamp with Galina was the best after completing the main online course. An online bootcamp I went through was extremely useful and gave me more confidence and improved my technical skills. I strongly recommend this evening bootcamp. Thank you, Galina!
  42. Dana KMarch, 2022

    I have just finished the internship with Galina and highly recommend everyone to attend it. Galina is very knowledgeable, experienced, understanding, and patient instructor who is always here to help you. You really feel like a team working with her because of her friendly atmosphere. You will have not only a great understanding of the QA processes, terminology, but will also have a hands-on experience in creating test cases, filing bugs & running the test execution; performing REST API testing; automating TCs; commit your changes to the GitHub and create your Jenkins job. No doubts - it is the best investment you can make in yourself and your future. It is a true gem for your career change! Thank you Galina, Mikhail, Janna, Tanya, Hanna and all instructors from Portnov Computer School. You are simply the best.
  43. Yulia EFebruary, 2022

    I participated in an internship with instructor Galina. It was a great boost to consolidate all the knowledge gained in class. Galina's approach helped me to be confident in interviews. Thank you for your efforts!
  44. VictoriaFebruary, 2022

    Galina’s evening internship is an intensive course with very structured and up-to-date classes. The course is nicely organized and Galina is a very patient and approachable instructor. She was always willing to help each of us when we needed some individual attention. The learning process was very interactive and enjoyable with lots of useful and relevant homework assignments. After this internship I feel confident and prepared for entering a job market. Thank you for this wonderful experience!
  45. Liliana GhervasJanuary, 2022

    Amazing experience! This bootcamp is very insightful and I have learned a lot. All the content was provided in a very professional and manageable manner so it is really helpful. It provided us with hands-on experience while working on real projects which is extremely valuable. Galina is patient and supportive, and knows how to motivate her students. I highly appreciate all the clarifications, explanations and the opportunity to get answers to our questions at an additional meeting after the lesson. Galina, you are amazing at what you do! Your passion and dedication is beyond words! THANK YOU!
  46. EvgenyJanuary, 2022

    The bootcamp with Galina was a very helpful addition to the main full-time course. It provided me with hands-on experience in working on real projects which then helped me feel confidence on job interviews.
  47. Ana PDecember, 2021

    I had a wonderful and helpful experience on this Intensive Evening Bootcamp with instructor Galina. Course is well structured, challenging and the most valuable is hands-on experience. A lot of thanks to Galina, for her knowledge which shared with us, detailed explanation, for time after class to help us when we encounter any issues and for her patience to answer on all our questions. I am grateful for her help every time when I requested.
  48. Artem MordashovDecember, 2021

    If you have plans pursuing a QA career and willing to devote about 4 hours a day at the online class and about the same amount of time(maybe a bit more) doing your homework, this bootcamp will definitely give you more bounce to the ounce compared to anything else, even the full time class. We went through it with instructor Galina and she did a herculean job turning a group of random people with diverse skill level into a somewhat you can call a coherent team of QA engineers. Being a good software engineer and being able to teach those skills is not always the same, it this case we were fortunate to get both, it certainly helped a lot. Plus, we were able to get help during off hours, sometimes an extra hour of answering our questions, helping installing necessary soft and whatever else in-between. So, don't hesitate to spend that dollar on this class, the knowledge you'll gain with worth tenfold. Plus, you don't need to be the sharpest tool in the shed to learn the craft if you have a good instructor, so don't think twice.
  49. Olesya ShumeykoNovember, 2021

    Bootcamp with Galina was the best decision I have made after completing the main online course. Galina is an experienced instructor who is always there to help her students ( during, after, and in between classes). I have a much clearer vision of the whole QA process, a better understanding of REST API, automation, Selenium Webdriver, and other front-end and back-end testing tools. Thank you, Galina!
  50. Victor VolodinOctober, 2021

    After that bootcamp my expertise became more strong. Galina helped to understand how everything works in real projects. We had dip learning REST API testing, a lot of questions with automation. Thank you Galina and Portnov Computer School for that opportunity
  51. Oksana Tanaka October 2021October, 2021

    Galina, thank you very much for the experience and knowledge that I gained on your course. The program includes all the necessary theory and practice for a beginner QA tester, from general concepts of the testing process to testing automation. During the internship, I was given the opportunity to participate in such important work stages as sprint planning meetings, daily stand-up meetings, grooming. I also learned a lot about working with the Jira project management tool, creation of test sets, their implementation, using of various plugins for creating reports, which will be very useful in future work. The practice also included various types of front-end testing (UI testing, exploratory testing, smoke testing, regression testing) and back-end testing (working with SQL queries, API testing, writing and running automated test, using Selenium WebDriver) The material of each lesson was laid out in the most complete and detailed way, with all the necessary clarifications and explanations. In addition to the main lesson, students had the opportunity to get answers to their questions at an additional meeting after the lesson. Thanks a lot!
  52. Tatyana MamedovaOctober, 2021

    Galina is the best teacher! After her classes, I got a complete impression of how and where and with what we will work! Bootcamp is the best decision that I have made to master the profession of QA Engeenier, thank you very much. Galina always took us more than the allotted time, she stayed with us after the class, if we had any blockers! I hardly recommend this teacher and her class! After the course, you will have a complete picture of this profession.
  53. LiliyaOctober, 2021

    Today I finished the evening Bootcamp With Galina. We went through all the testing stages step by step. We tested web applications, reported bugs, wrote test cases and run test sets using Jira. We studied and practiced API testing, Cucumber, Selenium, Java/JS and Database. Learned about Agile and Scrum, went through interview questions. We practiced a lot. I am not just learned new tools and skills but gained confidence for job search and interviewing. Galina is an amazing teacher, incredibly helpful and attentive. Thank you, Galina.
  54. Ekaterina GolubnichaiaAugust, 2021

    What a wonderful experience with an INTENSE EVENING BOOTCAMP! I have not regretted it more than once and I am still impressed! Galina is just an amazing teacher! She tries to give you as much information as possible during classes, explain things to you and guide you, but she also expects you to work hard too. He will ask you as a strict teacher. But if you encounter a problem, Galina will do everything possible to help you, explain it again to make sure that you really understand the idea. All this experience is priceless! Many thanks to Galina and I wish good luck to my wonderful teammates and future students!
  55. AzizaJuly, 2021

    Thank you Galina for all of your knowledge. This boot camp was helpful to envision a real experience as a professional QA. Your teaching style is definitely effective and has proven to excel the standards of others. Thank you for your commitment and time after class and whenever the students needed your assistance. Thank you Galina.
  56. Olena SJuly, 2021

    What a great experience with INTENSIVE EVENING BOOTCAMP! Galina is a wonderful instructor! All the classes were well prepared by Galina with lots of practice and great explanation. After each class students were provided with valuable materials for self-study. The bootcamp is over but I still have an access to all the recorded classes and all the study materials! Thank you for giving students this opportunity to practice on the real projects and for your support!
  57. KseniyaJuly, 2021

    Whether you want to become a better manual QA Eng. or your sights are set on automation this course is a must! You will get a deeper and more nuanced understanding of subjects you may be already familiar with (test cases, bug reports, API testing, XPath, SQL, working with Jira, Agile methodology...) but also you will learn many tools and the ways to incorporate them in QA process. You will start with getting familiar with an application (requirements, exploratory testing ) and finish with automating regression test cases (which you will write ))). Thus, you will get a great experience "from start to finish". It's going to be challenging. You will have to immerse yourself in a learning process and be ready to learn and work on your tasks every day for the duration of the course. Galina is fantastic! She is trying to give you as much information as possible during the classes, explain things and guide you but she also expects you to do your part. (Imagine that you are at the workplace but someone actually cares to mentor you). But should you run into the problem Galina will go out her way to help you, to explain once again, to make sure that you actually grasped the idea. The whole experience is priceless! Huge Thank You to Galina and best of luck to my great teammates and future students!
  58. YuliyaJuly, 2021

    Galina is a brilliant teacher. I liked a lot her special way of teaching and explaining in simple words. All the classes well structured with a lot of practice. And also individual help after each class is really valuable. Bootcamp gave me confidence and complete picture of manual and automation testing. Cannot be grateful enough for this chance to be part of this class.
  59. AshwiniJuly, 2021

    The Bootcamp was really a very good experience and well organized. You get to know what happens actually in real work from frontend to backend. It gives you alot of confidence and special thanks to all the teachers, they are so helpful with lot of patience clarifies every issue we faced. I strongly recommend this evening bootcamp.
  60. TatianaKJuly, 2021

    Thank you so much Galina for the well-structured course, for your time and patience ? This is the real hands-on boot camp. I love it and will miss! It is a very intensive and challenging course. We covered a lot and there is a lot of room to grow! Good luck everyone!
  61. ElviraJuly, 2021

    I finished the evening Bootcamp. The entire Bootcamp is logically structured. It gives you a feeling as if you are really working for an actual company. The amount of material which was covered is immeasurable! The instructor Galina was very knowledgeable, patient, helped us resolve any issues we had. Besides the fact that we had hands-on experience with a real project, I’ve learned so many new tools and gained new skills, and most importantly I understood the whole workflow of QA profession. I strongly recommend it!
  62. KalaiselviJuly, 2021

    The online bootcamp was really useful. I got lots of hands on experience that gave me enough confidence. The teachers are so great here in Portnov. They never hesitate to help . I strongly recommend this evening bootcamp .
  63. SergeyJuly, 2021

    I took part in the evening Bootcamp. We extensively used Postman, Cucumber, and Java testing frameworks along with reiterating and expanding functional testing aspects. And that was great! The workflow and the atmosphere of the real-world IT project. You do feel like a part of a team. Cannot fail to mention the instructor, Galina, who was always there for help and easy to reach out to. Hands-off, that is a must-have experience on your career change path!
  64. DeeJuly, 2021

    Portnov offers very comprehensive and challenging courses, bootcamps and internship/externship programs. The coaching team is knowledgeable and supportive with a lot of experience. Their programs helped me take my career to the next level.
  65. VitalyJuly, 2021

    The online Bootcamp gave me more confidence and improved my technical skills. I recommend Bootcamp who really wants to increase knowledge regarding Software Quality Assurance.
  66. AlexJuly, 2021

    An online bootcamp I went through was extremely useful for setting my knowledge in a proper order, though the was a lot of hours of learning different stuff prior to it. I've gained enough hands on experience and confidence to make it on a job market. I've got the job in a month after finishing the bootcamp. Recommended

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