Full-Time is the career change program offered to out-of-area students only. It is built to better meet needs of students coming to the School from Los Angeles and San Diego, from all over the US, Canada, and other countries.

The full-time learning process is very intense. In that program students will spend much more time on the school premises than other students. They will have 20-25 hours of classroom training a week. Within 7-8 weeks most of the full-time students will start their internships.

In Full-Time program students might have an individualized schedule of projects, morning and night classes. They bring their laptops so full-timers do not compete with other students for the School computers.

The full-time program allows participants’ access to all the classes available on availability basis for the full year. At first the study is focused on the subjects needed to start the internship ASAP. After internship starts the full-time students are expected to enroll into advanced classes (1-2 nights a week) to expedite their professional growth.

QA Internship with a local technology company (provided by the School) is included into full-time program unless the student is not legally authorized to work in US.

The program includes four courses, which are recommended by the school counselor based on student’s education and work experience. Each course takes 40 hours to complete. 

Multiple Software testing projects are available to the program participants to improve their marketability and hands-on experience in Software QA.

Online self-paced classes are made available to the full-time students at no extra charge (UNIX, Perl, Shell, Mobile Applications Testing, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, XML, Selenium).

Resume and interview preparation, job placement assistance, individual job market navigation counseling are all a part of the program.

Student get access to numerous videos and webinars recorded in our classrooms and in our online instructor-facilitated training programs.

Career change training: unlimited lecture and Lab hours
Manuals, handouts, lab time and equipment: at no charge to students
The total amount for all fees, charges and services the student is obligated to pay for the course is $4,500.00