Slava Skryabin - Sr. Software Development Manager and Automation Architect, Oracle. Designed and created Java, Ruby, JavaScript-based automation frameworks from the ground up that test UI, mobile, web-services, DB and security penetration.



  • Get confident using Selenium WebDriver and API functions
  • Create and configure automation framework from scratch
  • Automate web services with example of REST API (JSON, XML)
  • Learn Behavior Driven Development using Cucumber
  • Configure Jenkins pipeline for continuous integration / delivery
  • Leverage source control using Git including branching / merging
  • Understand development and automation process with example of Java
  • Learn OOP and theory questions that would help passing interview
  • Write automated scenarios to replace existing manual test cases
  • Automate your own real project at work for real benefit
  • Find how to deal with all types of HTML elements (click, fill, validate, send, etc.)
  • Practice multiple coding challenges asked during interview
  • >Understand PaaS and SaaS Cloud application infrastructure from QA perspective
  • >Learn how to debug and fix automation scenarios
  • Find and deal with cases that only automation can cover
  • Determine automatable and non-automatable test cases
  • See real-life setup examples, processes and continuous integration
  • Defend and prove knowledge on the interview<



  • Develop automated tests using Java, Cucumber and Selenium WebDriver
  • Navigate over multiple pages, click buttons, type into text boxes, select from drop-downs, etc.
  • Automate your existing manual scenarios or repetitive actions at work
  • Understand PaaS / SaaS applicatoins and their infrastructure<
  • Test REST API utilizing JSON/XML and study automation of it
  • Understand CI/CD (continuous integration / delivery) with Jenkins pipeline setup and Source Control with example of Git including pull requests
  • Debug automation scenarios to find root cause of issues
  • Maintain and perform updates to automation scenarios to reflect UI pages changes
  • Implement automated test cases using Page Object pattern