Email all the answers to the 9 questions below to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (please don't attach files with answers, write everything either in the message body or in a sharable Google doc)

  1. Watch Tell me about yourself video. Write down your own story.
  2. Tell me about the application you tested and your responsibilities on the project  - write down a separate story for each application in your resume
  3. Why QA - write down 3 reasons
  4. Write 2 bug reports from any of your projects
  5. Watch Do you have questions for me video. Find an actual Job posting, provide the link to the posting and 3 questions to an interviewer
  6. How would you test a water bottle/vending machine/microwave/remote control/your smartphone camera - pick one. Use How would you test a toaster? as an example; make sure to split the list of scenarios by testing types
  7. Write test cases for password creation functionality, given the requirements below:
    - Password is at list 8 characters long
    - Password contains a least one upper-case and one lower case letter
    - Password contains at least one digit
    - Copy-pasting into the password field is disabled
    - Password is masked
  8. How would you test with and without requirements
  9. Point out  bugs you see on the screenshot below


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Be prepared to answer any question out of the QA Program at the time of the clearance.