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Reasons why online classes are more effective

A lot of people debate whether online learning is as effective as offline learning. But what if it’s not just as effective as offline, but better than offline?

Students learn more than they do in offline schools

IBM did a study and found that students learn five times more material when they are in online learning. First of all, this is because online courses give the student full control over their learning, and they can allocate their own time and resources as they feel comfortable. For example, to go through simple lectures twice as fast, and on the contrary, to stop and focus on complex topics. And it is also proven that high-quality multimedia content for self-study is very effective.

Attendance in online classes is higher

While studying at offline universities, almost all students miss classes from time to time. Some of them have important reasons, and some of them simply could not wake up on time, but the result is the same – the lecture was missed. The online learning format allows students to study on a more flexible schedule, they can watch a lecture anywhere, even from their phone. For these reasons, attendance in online classes is much higher than in traditional classes.

Online learning takes less time

As we said above, it’s about the individualized schedule and pace of learning that helps the student learn more efficiently. And students also don’t have to spend time commuting to their place of study. For some people, the time spent on the road is very valuable.

E-learning is greener

No one needs to explain how important the topic of sustainability has been to everyone in recent years. We try in every way possible to minimize the damage we do to the planet. The Open University in Britain have found that online courses equate to an average of 90% less energy and 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than traditional in-person courses. So students can feel like they are contributing to the environment simply by learning online.