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5 reasons why QA Engineering is one of the most successful areas to work with

The QA area attracts both recent graduates and adults who want a career change. So what’s the secret, why does everyone want to work as a QA Engineer? Today we’re going to talk about the top 5 reasons.

Competitive Salary

QA Engineer jobs pay well, even if you’re just starting. The average junior`s salary is $70,000 a year, the middle gets about $100,000 a year, and the senior can have a salary from $115,000 a year. The QA field has many growth opportunities, as it is constantly evolving, so you can build a career here quickly and start earning more. This factor is also important for those who are completely changing their career field. It’s easier to move into a new profession if you start making good money right away.

Low entry threshold

QA is considered the IT field with the lowest entry threshold. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to know anything to be a QA Engineer. It means that you can learn the skills you need pretty quickly by spending enough time studying. For example, Manual QA can be learned in a month and you’ll know so much information that you’ll be able to get a job to start your career off almost immediately.

Job in high demand

Most companies focus on the speed and quality of product development. Therefore, they all need a team of QA Engineers to oversee these processes. Although it seems that more and more people are entering this profession, the demand for good specialists is still higher than the supply.

Good Career Opportunities

There are many career paths open to the QA Engineer. For example, you can develop skills in QA automation and other areas of IT. You can also study business analytics and build a career here. Or become a project manager and manage projects. 

Becoming a QA is affordable

Although it is not studied in traditional universities, now you can choose any course or school and learn QA. It can be either online or offline learning format. The average length of a QA Engineering course is 16 weeks.