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Before I won the Green Card, I worked at a private school. It wasn’t a bad job, paid well, enough to make a very modest living.

After I found out about winning the green card, I started reading all the forums about the USA: our Diesel,, etc. I was mostly interested in the topic of how others successfully adapted in the land of opportunity.

✅ Of all the forums, this is where I learned the most: ?

? On this forum many immigrants from CIS wrote about their experiences of switching from other professions to IT?.

To be more specific, into a software tester. While reading other people’s success stories, I got the idea to switch to IT.

But, there were huge doubts, I thought, “Well, where am I and where are these IT people?” But shit! I wanted a change, I didn’t want to do what I was doing before. ?

And all the ones who had retrained as testers talked about their jobs with such passion and pride. Reading their progress, I longed to experience feelings of joy and pride in myself as well.

My husband supported me and told me that I would succeed. Although, I did not believe it ? I did not do well in the exact sciences at school. In fact, I did not do well in all subjects. I had no interest in learning.

When I told my acquaintances about my plan to study IT, there were people who reminded me of my academic success and tried to dissuade me by saying that in the USA it’s not that easy.

? But, I am very grateful to @yulka_yolka and @albinaileeva for supporting me at that time. On the forum totally strangers encouraged me and told me that everything is possible, the main thing is desire and persistence.

? That’s how I learned to be a software tester ??? in 4 months at @portnovcomputerschool and got 2 job offers.
? By the way, I was one of the first in my group to get a job.

? Anything is possible, the main thing is to have a great desire, patience and persistence to go all the way.

? made after the first interview.


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